The door damper-Kids safe and Anti Slam

Eliminate slamming doors creating peace and quiet and safely protecting your kids fingers


Thinking about safety around the home there is something that comes to mind that has not been addressed properly…..UNTILL NOW!!

Slamming house doors is what we would like to talk about today.

As you may know the average house door is big and with a little help from either kids or the wind they can slam closed very hard.

Now can you imagine if you have small kids running around in the house playing and they manage to push the door closed with holding on to the side of the door, they would get their fingers caught between the door and the frame. Now for any parent to see or hear this would be terrifying experience.

Children is so fragile and we would do anything to make sure they don't hurt themselves, this is why we came up with The Door damper. It actually has two functions, safety and personal health.

Everyone loves to leave open windows for some fresh air when the weather permits, and with the air flow trough the house it 90% of the times push a door closed making it slam, and with a slam comes that awful "bang" sound that would frighten the daylights out of anyone.

The door damper will not only prevent kids from pushing the door closed on their fingers but will also manage to keep the door open for that fresh air to flow trough, if by any chance the wind is strong or someone slams the door by mistake The door damper will eliminate 85% of that noise.

We have made a few prototypes and tested them and we are happy with the final product that we are offering every household around the globe. And its very affordable for everyone to try on any door.

We are now moving forward to the production stage and looking to raise $15000.00 to cover first production order , Packaging and Marketing.

Any order or contribution would be greatly appreciated .

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video and read our story. Have a wonderful day.

Derick Kruis
Innovation Emporium
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The Door Damper

Source: EIN Presswire