Formaspace Infuses Expertise in Industrial Innovation Into the Office Furniture Market

Weldmarx I, Height-Adjustable Desk

Weldmarx I, Height-Adjustable Desk

#NETworking – 5-in-1 Ping Pong Conference Table

#NETworking – 5-in-1 Ping Pong Conference Table

What do you get when you mix unprecedented quality a relentless desire for innovation? Read more about our fully customizable Weldmarx line!

We provide the creative direction and functionality, but the client can ultimately create options that perfectly suit their needs using a wide range of finishing and sizing options.”

— Jeff Turk

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2018 / — What do you get when you mix unprecedented quality, and a sense of adventure with a relentless desire for innovation? You get a line of office furniture that exceeds expectations on every level, and is poised to completely change the way we think about “off the shelf” contract solutions. Enter Weldmarx™ by Formaspace.

Even if you weren’t able to catch the debut at NeoCon 2017 in Chicago, you’ve likely already heard the buzz about Weldmarx™. This bold, industrial-inspired collection provides a coordinated solution for a wide-range of modern office settings, and allows for ultimate flexibility through customizable options.

“When I say ‘custom’ I mean truly customizable,” said Formaspace CEO, Jeff Turk when describing the limitless options of the new Weldmarx™ collection. “We provide the creative direction and functionality, but the client can ultimately create options that perfectly suit their needs using a wide range of finishing and sizing options.”

weldmarx I height adjustable office desk
Weldmarx I, Height-Adjustable Desk

This sleek new line is comprised of mix-and-match components including private workstations, sit-to-stand desks, flexible use conference tables, benching, storage solutions and communication boards, all designed to work seamlessly together in any environment.

A History of Innovative Industrial Furniture Design

While many manufacturers have found themselves playing catch-up to meet the quickly evolving needs of the modern office, Formaspace has a firm history of solution-based innovation and the industrial-chic aesthetic that dominates the office design landscape of today. This ability to solve notoriously difficult logistical scenarios has allowed them to approach the office furniture market from an authentic industrial perspective.

“Formaspace has this industrial, lab heritage,” CEO Jeff Turk shared with Business of Furniture Magazine earlier this year. “Brands like West Elm and Crate & Barrel are trying to look like something industrial. This is really our heritage.”

As more and more companies tear down cubicles and opt for more open, collaborative office spaces, a whole new host of furnishing needs has arisen. Much like every other development, Formaspace has made since its inception, the move into office furniture was a natural response to demand. Innovators at Formaspace were first approached by several of the largest furniture dealers on the west coast as well as architects from all over the country. These industry leaders were looking for the style, quality, and durability that Formaspace is known for, but in a format that would be accessible to traditional contract furniture dealers. Formaspace industrial designers were up to the challenge, and after nearly three years of development and testing, the company’s premier line was ready for launch.

Ever driven to go above and beyond for their clientele, the Formaspace think tank didn’t stop at style, quality, and affordability. They wanted their new line to embody the fun, multi-functionality of the modern office culture while also promoting employee health and wellness through effective ergonomic designs.

Custom height-adjustable ping pong conference table
#NETworking – 5-in-1 Ping Pong Conference Table

In addition to more traditional pieces, the Weldmarx™ office line debuted with a funky wood and metal ping-pong table, which functions both as a conference table and two separate, height adjustable collaboration tables. Form, function, fun: a representation of the balance found in the culture of the modern workplace.

Blazing a New Trail

Even with a proven record of solving some of the most difficult industrial design and logistic cases, this new foray into office design was not without risk. It takes more than confidence to plunge boldly into a new market. It takes a sense of adventure. Since acquiring the company in 2006, CEO Jeff Turk has imbued Formaspace with his own adventurous spirit and dedication to exceeding expectations.

“Our industrial laboratory projects have literally taken us from the bottom of the ocean all the way to the top of some of the world’s highest mountains. I knew if we could do that well we could create a line of office furniture that was stylish, but had that same flexibility and durability,” CEO Jeff Turk explained.

A born entrepreneur, Turk sold his first company in high school before setting off to hone his talents at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Both during and after college, Turk worked with dozens of start-ups on 4 continents. His thrill-seeking extends from business ventures to amassing wild experiences from braving strange international cuisine to jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. And that’s just on his days off.

When he’s not transforming small companies into Inc. 5000 favorites, Turk spends his time in service to humanity. He helped obtain over $1 billion in desperately needed debt relief for a West African country and is currently a volunteer search and rescue helicopter pilot for Texas Search and Rescue.

Just the Beginning

If the immediate response to the Weldmarx™ line is any indication of future success, Formaspace is poised to become a pillar of the contract furniture industry. A deep commitment to innovation, quality manufacturing and sustainable practices has set them apart from the status quo and opened the door to limitless office design possibilities, ensuring that no matter where trends move, Formaspace will be there to provide a solution.

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