Closet Outlet to Launch New Storage Solutions at IWF Lockdowel Booth 8073

Closet Outlet Revolving Closets turn to give additional storage space. Easily assembled with Lockdowel invisible, snap-in fastening.

New Revolving Closet Systems by Closet Outlet Showcased at IWF Atlanta Aug 22-25 in Lockdowel Booth 8073

Lockdowel fasteners give the units smooth, invisible connections–and when assembled it challenges a seasoned carpenter to wonder how the cabinet was constructed.”

— Andy Patel, Closet Outlet Owner

ST. CLOUD, FL, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2018 / — Closet Outlet will show off their newest and highly functional space saving modular storage solutions, featuring the Revolving Storage System by Lazy LeeTM, in Lockdowel Booth 8073 at IWF Atlanta, August 22-25. Closet Outlet uses the Lockdowel simple fastening system to assemble the Revolving Storage Systems and the shelving around them in about an hour.

“Utilizing Lockdowel fasteners the core load bearing structure is not only easy to assemble, but also secure and stable in its daily use,” Andy Patel President and Owner of Closet Outlet says. “Lockdowel fasteners give the units smooth, invisible connections, and when assembled it challenges a seasoned carpenter to wonder how the cabinet was constructed.”

The unique designs of the Revolving Closet Systems require fasteners that have structural stability as the product is a stand-alone unit. “We gain panel to panel and overall structural locking using the Lockdowel fasteners,” Patel says. “With the fasteners totally concealed and the sturdy structural stability of the entire unit, the finished product behaves as if it was made from a single piece.”

Closet Outlet offers 62 different versions of the Revolving Storage System in two heights and four standard colors. Pantry, garage, and closet storage systems range from 27.5 to 42 inches in diameter and standard heights of 85.5 and 92.75 inches. Any height up to 12 feet tall is available.

The Revolving Storage Systems by Lazy Lee are built with a stabilizing dock alleviating the need to anchor the spinning storage units to the floor—while keeping the units stable and able to hold unbalanced loads. The most popular Elite Series, 38.5 inch diameter unit, weighs 300 pounds for shipping. It is made from standard white Melamine with a smooth satin finish. Almond, grey and cocoa colors are offered as standards. Closet Outlet will also manufacture these units in any flavor make, color, or texture of panel material.

With Lockdowel glue-less, tool-less assembly the systems are flat-packed in just one crate, designed by Patel. This reduces shipping costs and ensures the integrity of the product. The most popular Closet Outlet storage system sells for $1,085 but can be purchased for $650 per unit with bulk shipments.

About Closet Outlet
Closet Outlet is fully licensed and mass manufacturers the Revolving Storage System Units by Lazy LeeTM. These rotating cabinets, shelving and hidden storage solutions are manufactured in the leanest, most cost efficient ways so all price savings are passed to customers. From seven walls of a single closet, to one corner, Closet Outlet can fill the storage needs for 100 homes, 500 apartments or just one home. For more information contact: Andy Patel, Closet Outlet, — 1408 Hamlin Avenue, St. Cloud, Florida. 34771, Off: (407) 777-3838 or Cell: (407) 505-0865

About Lockdowel
Lockdowel provides simple manufacturing, assembly, and installation solutions for cabinets, furniture, closets, and architectural millwork. Patent pending. Lockdowel 41920 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538 , (650)477-7112

Mary Lynn B Heath
Mary Lynn Heath, PR
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Lockdowel fastening for closets can be assembled quickly and disassembled for mobility–then assembled again!

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Bella IMC to Unveil New Virtual Reality Room Design Kiosk at Lockdowel Booth 8073 During IWF 2018 Atlanta

Experience Virtual Reality Kitchen Designing with the new Bella IMC Kiosk at IWF Lockdowel Booth 8073.

Experience Virtual Reality Kitchen Designing with the Bella Kiosk at Lockdowel Booth 8073 at IWF Atlanta Aug 22-25

The entire process and program may be labeled as a B2B business service. The Bella Kiosk and system is designed to be used nationwide by various industry providers.”

— Chad Shelton, President Bella IMC

HUNTERTOWN, IND., UNITED STATES, July 26, 2018 / — Bella IMC™ will debut their newest venture, a virtual room-designing “Bella Kiosk”, in Lockdowel Booth #8073 on August 22-25 during the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta. Use of the Bella Kiosk will allow potential customers to create their dream design for any room with cabinetry needs—residential or commercial. The program begins with entering a room’s dimensions, locations of doors, windows and cabinets, followed by users adding a personal splash of their creativity with choices of select colors, textures and styles. This program also provides name brand appliances for that extra touch of realism.

“Nothing out there is as extensive and realistic as this program,” states Chad Shelton, Bella IMC President and Owner. “For example, with a drag and a drop you can lay out a kitchen to any size and change anything as often as you want. The program can remove walls, expand doors, and even change the lighting in the room with the time of day. When the room is complete the customer will be able to view their design using virtual reality goggles for the ultimate experience!”

Bella IMC cabinets — including garage storage, closets, vanities, and kitchens – utilizes the slide-to-lock fastener by Lockdowel. This allows components to be conveniently flat-packed and sent to the consumer directly or to the job site. According to Bella IMC the company saves 60 percent in labor costs with the Lockdowel fastening system. Shelton states that the Bella Kiosk gives accurate pricing and users may save the creation as a bid, draft, or order immediately.

“The Bella Kiosk is designed to be placed in related industry storefronts or high traffic areas,” Shelton explains. He adds that orders may be fulfilled by Bella IMC or they may be sent to a third party provider, using brand and contact information for that specific business.

“The entire process and program may be labeled as a B2B business service,” Shelton explains. “The Bella Kiosk and system is designed to be used nationwide by various providers.”

About Bella IMC™

Bella IMC (Innovative Modern Cabinetry) is simplifying and leading the way with cabinet industry professionals on a new idea of buying and selling cabinets with unparalleled product quality and versatility that is Assembled On Site (AOS). Enabled by tool-less Lockdowel snap-in fastening, Bella IMC allows for quick changes in looks and designs by easily replacing the doors and hardware. Combine this with cost savings and customers now have control of their cabinetry dreams. Bella IMC – 2410 Main Street, Huntertown, IN 46748 (260)338-2577 “SEE WHAT YOU CAN BUILD”!

About Lockdowel

Lockdowel provides simple manufacturing, assembly, and installation solutions for cabinets, furniture, closets, and architectural millwork. Patent pending. Lockdowel 41920 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538 , (650)477-7112

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10 Skills You Need to Become a Successful Lab Manager

Lab managers working

Lab managers working

Formaspace laboratory phenolic tops

Formaspace laboratory phenolic tops

Are you a current lab manager or looking to become one? Read some of our tips on how to be successful in your career!

In larger organizations, the lab manager may have to interface with dedicated purchasing staff members”

— Formaspace

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2018 / — As a provider of unique furniture solutions to laboratory facilities at major Fortune 500 companies for over 35 years, Formaspace has developed unique insights into the best practices used in today’s modern lab facilities. One key observation is the increasingly important (and diverse) role of laboratory managers.

Over the past 35 years that Formaspace has been working directly with Lab Managers, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry. Indeed, today’s lab managers wear multiple hats that require them to develop a broad set of effective management skills — ranging from chief problem solver to team facilitator.

If you are contemplating a career move into laboratory management or know someone that is, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 effective management skills that every laboratory manager should master.

Let’s get started:

1. Laboratory Managers Need to Be Good Business and Project Managers

Overview: Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying scientific research has to be all business (some of the best discoveries have been made in unorthodox ways). Instead, we’re saying that the role of laboratory management is to provide services to the investigators in a reliable businesslike manner, in order to provide seamless support for scientific research (or related services functions, such as in the case of IT labs).

Scope of Activities: Establish a vision and mission with both detailed short-term plans as well as long-term plans (5+ years out) that track progress on specific project goals, time management, and budgetary issues, such as income sources, spending, salaries.

Recommendations: Lab Managers overseeing large laboratory settings (in universities, government or healthcare / pharma) might benefit from business classes or an MBA in order to manage complex budgets and other requirements. Certification from PMI as a Project Management Professional (PMP) could also be helpful. Countless books, seminars, and online classes teach business management skills. If you are new to all this, then The One Minute Manager and Putting First Things First are two resources to look into.

2. Laboratory Management Typically Oversees Acquisition of Capital Equipment, Purchasing of Supplies and Services, and Inventory Control

Overview: In a small laboratory environment, much of this work will fall directly on the lab manager, who may be directly responsible for allocating budgetary funds (from a research grant for example). In larger organizations, the lab manager may have to interface with dedicated purchasing staff members. In either case, it’s important to adhere to rigorous government* policies that regulate service contracts as well as asset acquisition, use, and disposition activities.

(*Government contracts may require sourcing from vendors, like Formaspace, that are listed on GSA purchasing schedules.)

Scope of Activities: Set spending priorities during each budgetary cycle; identify requirements for capital equipment; investigate vendor options; ensure timely ordering procedures for consumable supplies (including bidding out if required); establish service contracts (such as for disposing of hazardous wastes); negotiate with the company or institution hosting the lab over assigned overhead costs to be borne by your budget; set up inventory tracking and control system as well as establish procedures to protect valuable or potentially dangerous assets from misuse or theft.

Recommendations: In addition to the recommendations for business and project management, new laboratory managers might look into taking classes in purchasing management. If you are working with the government or military, look for online seminars and guides (from the GAO, GSA, etc.). Establishing friendly contacts with the purchasing department of your company or institution early on is also a good idea (rather than waiting until there is a confrontational issue at hand). Ideally, you will be able to find a mentor who can help you understand the ins and outs of rules and procedures already in use at your institution or company.

3. Laboratory Managers Need to Develop Effective Management Skills in Public Relations and Internal Communications

Overview: Do you wonder why some laboratories always seem to be promoted in the news, or they have widespread support throughout the entire organization? Conversely, have you witnessed reports of laboratory errors or accidents that made the news and put the lab in the worst possible light? These are just two examples of how good (and bad) public relations and internal communications programs can affect your laboratory workplace.

Scope of Activities: Public Relations generally refers to a wide range of communication programs directed outside the organization (from community relations, to press coverage, to trade fairs), while internal communications programs are directed at internal audiences (to educate and promote positive awareness of your activities). Depending on the size of your organization, you may need to liaise with existing communications teams (or external agencies), or you may need to develop these resources yourself.

Recommendations: Generally speaking, having a robust external and internal communications program (assuming your work is not classified or a trade secret) will help win over support for activities taking place in your lab (which can be very useful at budget allocation negotiations). Working with your existing communications team (if any), you should consider hosting press events, public tours (if appropriate), provide useful press releases and social media postings to gain local (if not national) coverage. Consider providing media training to lab researchers (such as lead investigators) to improve their ability to communicate in language that targeted audiences can understand — using video recordings for feedback sessions can be very useful. Practice in advance how you would respond to a crisis (such as an accident or another adverse incident) by conducting realistic dry runs on how to communication with the press during that time. Make sure you know the private cell numbers of key administration staff who will need to be looped in at short notice.

4. Laboratory Management is Often in Charge of Education and Staff Development Programs for the Lab Team

Overview: Face-to-face meetings at scientific conferences, scientific journal subscriptions, and training classes are a few examples of education and staff development programs that will help lab team members grow in their field while improving morale at the same time.

Scope of Activities: Participation in most education and development programs (such as conferences and training classes) should be planned far in advance. Managers will need to identify and prioritize which activities and purchases will provide the most benefit for the lab — as well as make judicious choices for who will participate. Associated costs — ranging from time away from the lab to subscriptions, tuition, admission and travel expenses — will need to be budgeted for in advance.

Recommendations: Joining the relevant scientific or trade associations that govern your lab’s area of interest is a good place to start. Don’t overlook participation in standards committees or governing boards (if relevant) if you are looking for ways for your team members to network or raise your organization’s profile. Identifying mentors who can provide guidance to lab team members is another good approach. If travel expenses are an issue, but you have good facilities for hosting guests at your company or institution, consider creating your own event to bring relevant experts to your facility (this is an ideal initiative for lab interns to organize and run).

5. Successful Laboratory Managers Need to Learn How to Write and Administer Grants as Well as Protect Intellectual Property (IP)

Overview: As funding for major government-sponsored scientific grant programs faces further budgetary cutbacks, competition for limited grant monies has never been tighter. At the same time, there is increasing emphasis on the value of licensing Intellectual Property (IP) derived from important scientific discoveries.

Scope of Activities: As a laboratory manager, you may need to oversee grant writing activities; for many laboratories, the future of the lab itself may be on the line if funding sources cannot be identified. In cases where grants are awarded, the lab manager may also have some level of responsibility for administering the grant, including certifying that research activities are in compliance with the applicable statutory governance requirements before grant monies are issued. Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) is another responsibility that may require the lab manager’s oversight. Tasks here can range from making sure that the lead investigator’s scientific notebooks are secured and documented properly as well as interfacing with IP attorneys or technology transfers teams (now common at many research universities) who may seek to license valuable scientific discoveries.

Recommendations: Many Lab Managers will turn to grant specialist to write grant applications as well as manage grant funding, which may require adherence to proper accounting procedures and issuance of timely reports. Successful grant writing is a skill that can be learned with time; serving on a grant selection committee (many positions are open to the public) is an ideal way to learn about the grant evaluation and award process from an insider’s perspective. Reach out to your institution’s Intellectual Property team to learn the best practices for protecting scientific discoveries and maximizing licensing opportunities, if applicable.

6. Laboratory Management Typically Interfaces Directly with Infrastructure and Facility Management Teams

Read more …

Brooke Turner
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Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Market | Latest Industry Forecasts 2018-2023

Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Market By Crop Type, Field Size, & By Region – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, And Forecasts (2018–2023)

The hassle-free use of stationary systems in the field resulted in their higher market contribution in the mobility segment of Center Pivot Irrigation Systems.”

— Lead Analyst @ Market Data Forecast

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, July 25, 2018 / — Market introduction:
Center Pivot water systems allow irrigation in a circular pattern around a settled rotation point. These water systems offer high productivity and are extensively helpful for the large agricultural areas and commercial gardens. Most importantly, the Center Pivot water system offers better water proficiency of more than 90% compared to the regular water system strategies. The market for center pivot water system is significantly determined by the rising selection of computerization and automation in the general horticulture division around the world.

Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Market as per the report of Market Data Forecast is estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 15.1% to reach $2814.23 million by 2023 from the current value of $1393.1 million.

View Sample Report:

Market trends and enablers:
The United States Census Bureau assessment in 2016 demonstrates that there are roughly 7,346,235,000 people on earth as of August 23, 2016, which far surpasses the 7.2 billion from 2015. As per the report, one human birth takes place in the interval of 7 seconds and one death at a regular interval of 13 seconds, with a result of one individual on earth for every 11 seconds. With such a fast rate of population increase, there is an increasing demand for food that meets the need of the alarming population growth.

The worldwide market is expected to show noteworthy development in the upcoming years. Key variables pushing the development of the market incorporate the proficient administration of water during the time of drought, technical enhancements in the irrigation system, increasing return on investments, conversion of barren lands for agriculture, need for increased food production, precise water supply without wastage of water and few others.

However, the high cost of setting up the system and the lack of understanding about the benefits of such irrigation system among the farmers are expected to have a negative impact on the market expansion.

To know more read:

Market segmentation:
The worldwide center pivot irrigation system is segmented on the basis of field types, crop types, mobility, and components. The large fields segment of the field type accounts for the dominant share of market revenue owing to the increase in returns, high productivity, and the cheaper maintenance. Cereals in the crop type of irrigation system hold the major portion of market attributing to its use in biofuels and animal supplements followed by oilseeds and pulses. The hassle-free use of stationary systems in the field resulted in their higher market contribution in the mobility segment of center pivot irrigation systems.

Regional Analysis:
The global center pivot irrigation systems Market is geographically studied in the regions of Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, North America and the Middle East and Africa. North America dominates the world markets with the United States playing a vital role in the adoption of this irrigation system for better crop production in both quality and quantity volumes. The market in this region is almost saturated providing more growth opportunities to other regions. Europe is the second largest market with increasing concentration on the agriculture and horticulture. The Asia Pacific regions are experiencing a tremendous growth in population asking for more quantities of food. This need for an increase in production will drive the expansion of the center pivot irrigation systems market in the emerging nations of the Asia Pacific.

Get your customized report:

Competitive Analysis:
The center pivot irrigation systems market is dominated by few companies and the majority of them are located in the region of North America. Some of those companies are T-L Irrigation Company, Netafim Limited, RoEhren- Und Pumpenwerk, Lindsay Corporation, Valmont Industries, Alkhorayef Group, Reinke Manufacturing Company Inc., Grupo Fockink, Vodar (Tianjin) Co. Ltd, Pierce Corporation Ltd., Bauer GmbH, Rainfine (Dalian) Irrigation Co., and others.

The key players in the market are investing money to enhance the technological features of this irrigation system and also to provide convenient purchase options with cost-efficiency.

About MarketDataForecast™
Market Data Forecast is a market research firm offering syndicated research, consults and industry newsletters across various domains & verticals. With a well-established in-house team of experts from diverse fields and outsource research network across 100+ countries, we are the sole research providers for the majority of Fortune 500 companies. Along with the standards of reports being on par excellence, our unique services like free customization, analyst support for the period of six months post to the purchase will be the flag bearers and differentiates us from the rest. Our experience and in-depth understanding of various business environments will be a support to you and your organization in making well-informed decisions.

Contact Information:
Name: Mr. Abhishek Shukla
Organization: MarketDataForecast™
Address: 2nd Floor, Lakeview Plaza, Kavuri Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033, India.
Phone: +1-888-702-9626

Sai Kutumbarao
Market Data Forecast
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Central locking casters wheels manufacturer

central locking casters wheels

central locking casters wheels

Twin wheels central locking caster

Twin wheels central locking caster

single wheel central locking casters

single wheel central locking casters

single wheel central locking casters,and double wheels central locking casters manufacturer of china

Lowest Price & High Quality

—3 YEARS Quality Guarantee”

— xinchen

WENZHOU, ZHEJIANG, CHINA, July 25, 2018 / — Central locking casters wheels are casters with a central brake system that allow users to operate the brake system easily and quickly, by just 1 person,They are widely used as ICU bed casters,hospital bed casters,emergency stretcher casters.

Xinchen Caster Wheels Company now develops two types of central lock casters.

1. Double central locking castors wheels; main features listed below

Wheel size: Ø125 x 60mm, Ø150mm x 70mm
Load weight: 120kg, 150kg
With Ball Bearing
Central lock: Ø28mm x 95mm, Ø32mm x 50mm
Lock cam can be 30 or 45 degree
Lock function: With total and direction lock

2. Single central locking casters wheels; main features listed below

Wheel size: Ø125 x 32mm, Ø150mm x 32mm; Ø200 x 34mm
Load weight: 120kg, 150kg, 180kg
With Ball Bearing
Central lock: Ø28mm x 95mm, Ø32mm x 50mm
Lock cam can be 30 or 45 degree
Lock function: With total and direction lock

For 5 inch central locking casters,and 6 inch central brake casters usually used as on hospital bed casters, medical trolley casters.

For 8 inch /200mm central locking casters usually used as emergency stretcher casters.(200mm central locking stretcher casters)

We are looking for long term cooperation partner,we offer very competitive price with stable high quality central locking casters for you.Surely if you need we can provide sample for testing and it's very needful. For more question please contact us freely. We will reply within 24 hours. ;

Tony Liu
xinchen caster wheels company
email us here

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Interior Secrets Launched New Furniture Showroom in Southbank, Victoria

With a successful furniture showroom and warehouse in Derrimut, Interior Secrets decided to open its branch in Southbank, Victoria last year.

MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, July 25, 2018 / — Sheer dedication and hard work have finally paid off as Interior Secrets came up with another branch for their designer furniture business. Bill Huynh, founder and chief executive of Interior Secrets, talking about the new showroom said, “I wanted to open this second showroom for as long as I remember. After an overwhelming response from our customers, I decided that now is the right time to open up the second branch to make it easy for people to get their hands on designer furniture pieces.”

The company previously has its warehouse in Derrimut, where customers can go and shop for designer furniture pieces at affordable prices. Customers can even shop online on their official website and get the furniture pieces delivered to their doorsteps.

Talking about his first showroom and what inspired him to open up his own furniture shop, Mr. Huynh said, “I opened my first business in 2009 and started out in a shoebox in Sunshine North. My parents asked me to furnish the house with the best furniture but they were not having sufficient funds. This was when I realized that it is easier said than done.”
Mr. Huynh got his hands on a wholesaler’s contact detail and ordered samples at a reasonable price. Next, he traveled to China to negotiate with the manufacturer. This is how his interest begun to grow and he decided to buy land in Derrimut for the warehouse.

Interior Secrets serve Australia wide customers with stylish furniture at competitive prices. Mr. Huynh added, “With the launch of our new showroom, we plan on to grow our product range as well.”

When asked about his future plans, Mr. Huynh said, “We have not finished growing yet. Next, we want to open up a showroom and establish a base in Sydney. Our long-term goal is to become the number one market leader in the furniture business.”

“Moreover, I am thankful for technology as it has helped us connect with our customers in Australia.”
While the company is growing at a rapid pace, Interior Secrets still has its roots in Melbourne’s West Derrimut warehouse.

About Interior Secrets
Interior Secrets creates innovative, stylish, comfortable yet affordably priced furnishings. The company focuses on offering high-quality products so that everybody can own designer furniture. As the company cut out the middleman, thus all the products are delivered directly from the warehouse to your home. To learn more about Interior Secrets, visit

William Huynh
Interior Secrets
(03) 8353 2319
email us here

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Sweet Dreams are Made of This

FloBeds Storefront with sun setting over Pacific Ocean

FloBeds Storefront with sun setting over Pacific Ocean

pioneer in the online bedding arena

pioneer in the online bedding arena

FloBeds Personalized Latex Mattress

FloBeds Personalized Latex Mattress

(since 1997)

Better yet, find a mattress you can adjust to the point of perfection. Stack panels of different firmness for a truly customized sleep.Your partner can sleep on marble while you float on marshmallows.”

— Temma Ehrenfeld, Newsweek

FORT BRAGG, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2018 / — It turns out that FloBeds, the original personalized latex mattress, is something to write home about. As other online mattress companies are being profiled for sketchy business practices, fake advertisements, and large payoffs to reviewers, Furniture Today has just featured a profile on Flobeds—and it’s all good news! They describe us not only as “a pioneer in the online bedding arena” but also as the original bed in a box (albeit, FloBeds’ latex mattress takes 3 UPS boxes).

In fact, UPS wrote a case-study on our unique bed in a box model back in 2007: “UPS delivers FloBeds right to the customer’s door. Yes, UPS delivers the mattress … and a box spring, too. FloBeds designed a mattress system that could be shipped using UPS. Each system consists of covers, padding, four customizable comfort layers and a foundation. ‘Using solid wood sides and struts, we created a foundation that could ship UPS and yet only require an eight wing-nut assembly.’”

But this is hardly the first time Flobeds has made the news. We’ve been included in House Beautiful as a designer’s mattress of choice, and Newsweek featured our customizable mattress back in 2002, saying: “Better yet, find a mattress you can adjust to the point of perfection. Flobeds sells latex panels that range from soft to superfirm. Stack panels of different firmness for a truly customized sleep. And because each side of the mattress has separate panels, your partner can sleep on marble while you float on marshmallows.”

If you’ve already heard of us, however, it’s probably because our customer service is renowned in the business. Not only do we have a 100-night trial, but our Goldilocks Guarantee enables customers to adjust their mattress for twenty years. Why? Because life happens; change is inevitable. We believe your mattress should be able to change with you. As our founder, Dave Turner, says: “Once you buy a FloBed you are part of our family. Our designs insure your FloBed will be Just Right. If you need to change the firmness of your bed to make it right today, or years from now, just give us a call. You’re likely to get one of the Turner family. And because you are our extended family, we get right to what’s needed to make your mattress Just Right, everyday and every year.”

Read more about FloBeds in Furniture Today at, or visit:

Dewey Turner
email us here

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Wood4Floors Appointed as Approved London and UK-Wide Retailer for British-Based V4 Wood Floors

wood4floors London Showroom

the largest displays of wood flooring

V4 flooring now at wood4floors London

Distressed wood flooring

V4 flooring now at wood4floors London

Grey herringbone wood flooring

Wood4Floors new approved retailer for V4 wood flooring

We hope that this new collection inspires our customers to create a space where they can retreat from the everyday stresses of life, a space that’s not only relaxing but also refined and sophisticated”

— Mike Kildea, Owner of Wood4Floors

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 21, 2018 / — Wood4Floors, one of the leading suppliers of premium quality flooring in the United Kingdom, is now an approved retailer for the British-based wood floor specialist, V4. The collaboration with the company brings fresh and modern options to our already vast collection of natural, sustainable, and health-friendly wood floors.
For over three decades, we have been committed to providing beautiful and versatile collections that stand the test of time. Not to mention, we highly pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of environmentally friendly products at conventional prices. V4 products should fit in nicely with our line since all of which are FSC and PEFC certified. Moreover, the company goes the extra mile to ensure they comply fully with the ETR (Engineered Timber Resources)
V4 Wood Flooring has been transforming homes since 2002. Recognized in the U.K. for their non-toxic and eco-friendly products, the brand draws inspiration from cityscapes and nature to meet the design demands of modern homeowners. Joining our roster are 9 unique collections made from European oak planks, finished by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods. The hand tools used bring character to the floors. They come with a natural protective layer that not only gives the planks more depth but also provides a long-lasting surface.
There is an array of colours and finishes to choose from. We offer a range of gorgeous hues, from light to neutral and lush dark browns. Not only that – customers can also pick from a variety of plank sizes, from extra wide to narrow. Homeowners can also opt to choose between subtler designs or hand-finished products that recreate the feel of solid wood flooring. V4 products allow for versatile installations that can be to all sorts of surfaces, including that of those with underfloor heating systems.
“We hope that this new collection inspires our customers to create a space where they can retreat from the everyday stresses of life, a space that’s not only relaxing but also refined and sophisticated,” Mike Kildea, Owner of Wood4Floors.
Check out our extensive range of selections at South East London showroom and warehouse in Forest Hill SE23 1AH.

email us here

V4 floors @ wood4floors London

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reSAWN TIMBER co. Debuts CUBISM: 11 New Designs on Finger Jointed Western Red Cedar

DIAMANT western red cedar by reSAWN

DIAMANT western red cedar

CHOCHOL shou sugi ban charred western red cedar by reSAWN

CHOCHOL shou sugi ban charred wester red cedar

VILLA SAVOYE western red cedar by reSAWN

VILLA SAVOYE western red cedar

CUBISM features both charred and non-charred western red cedar in a range of colors including neutral and bold color tones.

CUBISM is the specification for the modern architect who is looking for what’s next.”


TELFORD, PA, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2018 / — CUBISM by reSAWN features 11 new designs on Western Red Cedar (WRC) that are engineered to add graphic interest and geometric pattern that both contrasts and compliments the natural grain of the cedar.

Using only Clear A&Better Mixed Grain Western Red Cedar, “blocks” ranging in lengths from 3” to 11” are finger jointed together to create consistent plank dimensions of 11/16” thick X 7-1/4” wide X ALL 16’ Long. Finger jointing is a woodworking joint made by cutting a set of complementary rectangular cuts in two pieces of wood, which are then glued, with a high quality PUR adhesive. To visualize a finger joint simply interlock the fingers of your hands at a ninety degree angle; hence the name “finger joint”. The “blocks” are recovered from trim backs (typically a very high quality waste product) from various parts of the production process of milling WRC into traditional products. The planks maintain the superior durability characteristics of Western Red Cedar and have the additional benefits of staying straight and flat, allowing for little or no warp in the material prior to installation.

CHARRED Finger Jointed Western Red Cedar — CHOCHOL, 4TH DIMENSION & BAUHAUS

reSAWN TIMBER co. brings our award-winning CHARRED technology to the engineered Western Red Cedar. Using our contemporary take on the ancient Japanese fire-burning technique of shou sugi ban, reSAWN’s charring process adds both performance and aesthetic characteristics to CHOCHOL, 4TH DIMENSION & BAUHAUS. The CHARRED designs are carefully charred, misted with water, cooled, brushed and then stained/sealed. The top coat sealer is applied prior to shipping (for exterior applications, we recommend sealing the back side as well as the face). The burning process accentuates the wood grain and joinery and creates varying colors when viewed from different angles and in different light.

non-CHARRED Finger Jointed Western Red Cedar — SALLE 41, DIAMANT, GRIS, MARE, NO. 609, VILLA SAVOYE, PABLO, & PRINCET

Our non-charred designs are designed to highlight the graphic interest of the wood grain and joinery of finger jointed Western Red Cedar through a variety of finishes. reSAWN offers SALLE 41, DIAMANT, GRIS, MARE, NO. 609, VILLA SAVOYE, PABLO, and PRINCET as a non-CHARRED way to capture a variety of different aesthetics from subtle white and gray tones to eye-catching bright colors.

All designs are standardly offered in Clear grade and can be treated to Class A Fire Rating for Interior Application. These products are appropriate for interior wall cladding — please call reSAWN to discuss using for exterior applications.

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How to Prevent Bullying & Mobbing in the Workplace

Stop corporate bullying

Stop corporate bullying

Workplace bullying book

Workplace bullying book

Impact of bullying at work statistics

Impact of bullying at work statistics

Workplace bullying survey

Workplace bullying survey

Have you tried to create a company culture that eliminates bullying? Read more to learn how you can teach employers to spread a healthy workplace environment!

Workplace bullying, encompasses a whole range of negative behaviors, instigated by either an individual or a group of employees against another employee.”

— Formaspace

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2018 / — In a world that seems increasingly polarized, business owners and managers need to be alert to the threat of employee harassment in the forms of bullying and mobbing in the workplace.

What are bullying and mobbing? Is it the same thing as harassment?

Social interactions and the language we use to describe them keep changing over time.

If you were to take a poll 30 or 40 years ago asking people to provide a definition of the term bullying, most would describe something along the lines of an altercation on the playground at school – often leading to an uncomfortable visit to the principal’s office for a warning or threat of detention, followed by a strongly worded parent-teacher conference.

Bullying at Work: How to Confront and Overcome ItIn the 1980s, the late BBC journalist, Andrea Adams, host of the radio program An Abuse of Power, began an extensive campaign against the phenomenon of what she termed “workplace bullying” – a topic she wrote about extensively in her 1992 book Bullying at Work: How to Confront and Overcome It.

This expression, workplace bullying, encompasses a whole range of negative behaviors, instigated by either an individual or a group of employees against another employee.

Bullying in the workplace can lead to various forms of victimization, ranging from physical assault, verbal badgering (such as insulting remarks), emotional abuse, intimidation, aggression, psychological or sexual harassment, to negative social interactions, such as isolation, shunning or spreading false rumors to discredit an individual.

What about this term mobbing?

While workplace bullying or harassment is the predominant terms used in the U.S. and the U.K. to describe this type of malevolent behavior at work, another term for workplace bullying has emerged in other parts of the world — mobbing. It’s derived from the concept of mob rule, e.g. a crowd that engages in lawless, violent behavior directed against individual victims.

While the terms mobbing and bullying are generally considered equivalent, it’s more common to find the term mobbing used in scholarly works, government documents or among English-speakers outside the U.S. and the U.K. (particularly in Scandinavia and Australia, where there have been extensive campaigns to reduce workplace harassment.)

What are the ways bullying/mobbing negatively impact employee development?

Companies invest a lot of time and resources recruiting, hiring, and training their employees, so from a purely economic cost basis, any instance of workplace bullying can be costly — from losing a valued employee to defending a labor law legal challenge brought by a victim (more on these business impacts later).

But for the employees that get singled out for harassment, workplace bullying can be devastating — with consequences ranging from a serious disruption to their path up the career ladder to more serious psychological complications that can even affect their mental and physical health.

Signs of workplace bullying can range from absenteeism, lack of organizational commitment, anxiety, depression, job burnout, to varying degrees of psychological distress.

In fact, some researchers contend that in extreme cases, victims of workplace bullying can be as psychologically and physically debilitated as those who have been diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) — such as military veterans, or those who have survived acts of terrorism or severe natural disasters.

What are the risks to business that arise from bullying/mobbing in the workplace?

If you are a business owner or a manager, and you haven’t given much thought to what can happen when you allow cases of workplace bullying to persist in the office, consider some of these potential negative consequences for your company:

Bullying at work can diminish both individual employee and overall project performance:

Increased absenteeism of bullying victims

Less commitment from employees who sense a hostile work environment

Distraction to employees who ‘witness’ harassment, potentially leading to less focus on tasks / more mistakes and quality defects

Project delays caused by reduced motivation, increased absenteeism, and/or employee turnover

Bullying at work can significantly increase management costs:

Overall productivity decline due to perceived toxic work culture

Management time spent intervening in bullying cases not caught early

The expense of recruiting, training, and developing new employees to replace those lost to high turnover

Bullying at work can lead to a potentially severe negative impact on your customer reputation and/or leave you exposed to legal action:

Potentially tarnished company reputation in the marketplace

Negative impact on customer relationships

Cost of defending potential lawsuits brought on by bullying victims

How does workplace bullying come about and what can you do if you feel you are a victim of bullying?

1. Learn to recognize bullying behavior patterns and their underlying causes.
Are you being singled out by your peers and subjected to aggressive behavior by a colleague or manager?

Shouting, name-calling and derogatory comments are common signs of workplace bullying, particularly at a lower level or entry-level positions. As one advances up the career ladder, workplace bullying often takes the form of actions designed to block career advancement; examples of these range from exclusion from project assignments that would lead to higher-level responsibilities to cases of constructive dismissal (where levels of harassment at work become so unbearable that the employee is compelled to quit).

What are the reasons for this behavior? Psychologists believe that in many cases, the underlying cause for the bullying behavior is actually insecurity and jealousy on the part of the instigator, which in turn, causes them to try to achieve perverse satisfaction by tormenting, controlling, or blocking the success and career advancement of their targeted victims.

2. Decide if this is just an unpleasant work situation or a true case of workplace bullying.
How can you be sure you are a target of bullying?

Read more …

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