Closet Outlet Uses Lockdowel Fastening to Win Two CMA Wood Diamond Awards–Lean Production and Closet Under $25,000

Closet Outlet has won two CMA Wood Diamond Awards for Lean Production and Closets Under 25K.

Closet Outlet uses Lockdowel to make rotating closets that assemble with snap-in fastening – and can be disassembled and moved.

Cabinet Makers Association Awards Closet Outlet for best closet under 25K and lean production using Lockdowel glue-less, too-less, snap-in fastening

These rotating cabinets, shelving and hidden storage solutions are manufactured in the leanest, most cost efficient ways so all price savings are passed to our customers.”

— Andy Patel, Owner of Closet Outlet

ST. CLOUD, FL, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2018 / — Closet Outlet ( has won the 2018 Cabinet Makers Association’s Wood Diamond Award in Lean Production Practices and in Closets Under $25,000. Closet Outlet uses the Lockdowel fastening solution for ease of assembly for all their closets. Using Lockdowel also facilitates flat-pack shipping of their closets and reduces shipping costs. With Lockdowel slide-to-lock joining technology the need for glue and extra hardware is eliminated. Lockdowel fasteners cut assembly time in half, and enable closets to be disassembled, moved and reassembled again.

Based in St. Cloud, Florida Closet Outlet manufactures cabinets for closets, pantries, laundry rooms and garage storage systems. Their feature product is the Lazy Lee(TM) Revolving Storage System by Closet Outlet.

“These rotating cabinets, shelving and hidden storage solutions are manufactured in the leanest, most cost efficient ways so all price savings are passed to our customers,” Owner Andy Patel says. “From seven walls of a single closet, to one corner, Closet Outlet can fill the storage needs for 100 homes, 500 apartments or just one home.”

The Lazy Lee Revolving Storage System by Closet Outlet can be used alone or integrated with other shelving. Finishes and colors can be mixed and matched for a designer look and feel. Each unit is designed with parts that have rounded profiles on the horizontal plane, making it conducive to rotational applications. The uniqueness of the Lockdowel fasteners enables Closet Outlet to fasten curved-shaped parts securely to the structure with ease, and invisibly for a smooth, continuous look.

The Cabinet Makers Association awards program —–dubbed the “Wood Diamond Awards”, was first offered to the membership in 2010 as a means for CMA members to be recognized by their peers. After the first awards ceremony was held at IWF in Atlanta that summer, the program’s results were clearly seen. Not only did this program create a means to promote excellence in woodworking and cabinetry, but the members who participated and won awards were able to use their achievement in their local marketing program to promote their respective business in their area. This created yet another benefit to membership in the CMA.

The CMA was founded on the principles of sharing one’s experiences and ideas with other members in an effort to promote success and professionalism in the woodworking/cabinetry business. This award program provides another outlet for that purpose to be fulfilled. As members view each others’ work and accomplishments, ideas are exchanged and the flow of information continues. As potential clients and others view the listings, they should rest assured that all entries were provided equal grounds for participation and judging. All judging was done by non-participating members of the CMA, assuring that the results were scrutinized by professionals. For more information visit:

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Lockdowel – No tools, no glue, simple fastening that enables disassembly and building again!

Source: EIN Presswire