Oregon Construction Defect Center Is Now Offering to Assist A New Homeowner in a New Subdivision Anywhere in Oregon to Get Satisfaction If Their Home Builder is Ignoring Requests for Repairs

It is unlikely that a homeowner who moves into a recently built single family home in a subdivision or townhouse project in Oregon is going to be looking for serious construction defects.”

— Oregon Construction Defect Center

WASHINGTON , DC, USA, September 12, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to the Oregon Construction Defect Center, "It is unlikely that a homeowner who moves into a recently built single family home in a subdivision or townhouse project in Oregon is going to be looking for serious construction defects. They may make calls to the builder about paint touch up or a malfunctioning appliance. Rarely will they notice roof defects, siding issues, or other serious construction defect issues. As we would like to discuss anytime at 866-714-6466, if the new homeowner fails to see these types of issues the costs can be in the thousands of dollars down the road, and they should not expect the home builder to voluntarily show up with the company check book to fix the issue. 


"We are in the new homeowner protection business if we are talking about a new single-family home in a subdivision or townhouse project in Oregon and our services are free. Our goal is to make certain a new homeowner in Oregon does not get stuck with thousands of dollars in repair bills that should be the responsibility of the home builder." http://Oregon.ConstructionDefectCenter.Com




The Oregon Construction Defect Center Would Like to Hear from Homeowners in Newer Subdivisions or Townhouses in Oregon If They Have the Following Types of Problems:

* Defective roofs that were improperly flashed or installed and or that have defective roofing material.
* Water leaks due to improperly installed or defective siding.
* Improperly installed windows that create water leaks or the windows are impossible to open or close.
* Plumbing leaks
* Defective interior wood flooring.
* Exterior doors that were improperly installed that lead to water leaks or difficulty opening and closing.
* Severe foundation cracks or foundations that are not level.
* Single family homes in newer subdivisions that now have mold because the building was not protected during the framing/drywall process.
* Improperly installed or defective wood fascia board or wood trim.
* Improper exterior calking of exterior siding that has resulted in water leaks and or mold.

The Oregon Construction Defect Center is urging homeowners in subdivisions or townhouse in Oregon not older than two years to call them anytime at 866-714-6466 if they have construction defect issues that the home builder failed to fix, or now refuses to fix.

The only catch is the home must be in a new subdivision, or a multi-unit townhouse. The group’s free services are available to homeowners in newer subdivisions throughout Oregon and they are especially focused on newer subdivisions or townhouses in Portland, Happy Valley, Sandy, Salem, Eugene, Wilsonville, The Dalles, Hillsboro, Bend, or Forest Grove. http://Oregon.ConstructionDefectCenter.Com


The Oregon Construction Defect Center will select one of Oregon’s premier construction defect law firms to evaluate serious construction defect complaints from qualifying homeowners. The legal evaluation may include possible inspections to determine the seriousness of a construction defect or defects. The service is free to homeowners provided their home is in a newer single-family home subdivision or townhouse project in Oregon. http://Oregon.ConstructionDefectCenter.Com




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Source: EIN Presswire