Why Maximalism is the Design Trend Dominating 2018 – Connie Bandfield

Maximalism is the reaction to the minimalist trend which has been dominating all facets of design in recent years. Connie Bandfield explains.

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, USA, December 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the last decade minimalism has come to the forefront as a remedy for excess consumerism and material goods. It manifested itself in a variety of different arts and disciplines, from art itself, music, fashion and, pertinent to this article, interior design. And while there is a lot of merit to minimalism, there has been a strong reaction to its spartan ways. According to Connie Bandfield, this trend is called maximalism and is a design aesthetic which focuses on unbridled expression as opposed to toned-down minimalism. We will explore it more below.

What is Maximalism?

Maximalism takes it point of departure from the phrase “more is more”. Connie Bandfield insists that unlike minimalism, which makes a concerted effort to reduce the amount of material belongings in your home for a more svelte and refined look, maximalism is about overdoing it in an effort to bring color, patterns and personality back into different rooms and spaces. Generally these designs tend to be pretty eccentric, eclectic and visually overwhelming.

How do I achieve Maximalism?

“At first glance maximalistic rooms might seem like a mess,” Connie Bandfield says. “But there’s actually a not so subtle art to pulling it off.” For starters, you’re going to need an eye for balancing striking and bold colors with more muted ones. You need to be able to see how loud colors and rich fabrics can come together with intricate patterns and textures without clashing to the point of becoming a huge mess. Once you have this, it’s about finding pieces that can compliment each other, and then bringing them all together to create a room that is unique, loud and unconstrained.

“Maximalism is about filling a space with everything you love.” Connie Bandfield says. “It’s not holding back, and there are no rules to cage you with. That’s part of the appeal to designs and individuals alike. It’s pure expression and a way of transferring your personality into a space – essentially turning that space into yourself. It’s priceless.”

To achieve Maximalism, start from the beginning. Paint a room a bold color like yellow or green. Bring in loud furniture and juxtapose materials and patterns. Ensure, however, that everything is organized so that, while bright and colorful, your room is not a chaotic mess, but rather a beautiful balance.

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