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Lockdowel fastening is the greener choice in manufacturing. No screws, or glue and they can disassemble and re-assemble.

Murphy Door uses Lockdowel fastening for their easy-to-assembly display.

Bella IMC assembles cabinets without screws or glue using the Lockdowel system.

Lockdowel Tool-less, Glue-less Fasteners Make Furniture, Cabinet and Store Fixture
Manufacturing Greener and Leaner

The real cost-saving benefit of Lockdowel fasteners is how they can un-assemble. We can replace the doors for a face-lift without replacing the entire cabinetry.”

— Chad Shelton, President Bella IMC (Innovative Modern Cabinetry)

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lockdowel Inc., makers of slide-to-lock fastening for wood products, is inspiring manufacturers to produce goods in an innovative, more environmentally friendly way. Products assembled with Lockdowel fasteners can be reused in that they can be disassembled, stored and used again. This gives organizations the ability to quickly change décor, expand for growth, and greatly reduce waste.

With Lockdowel pre-inserted plastic fasteners, earth damaging materials such as screws, nails and glue are eliminated. Cabinets and furniture are assembled by inserting fasteners into pre-routed holes and sliding them into a locking position. Items can be shipped flat-packed and assembled on-site, saving transportation costs and space.

“Retailers are asking for store fixtures that can be easily taken down and used again,” Stephen Anderson, Lockdowel CEO says. “This comes with the challenge facing retailers to catch the consumer’s attention. Displays and fixtures are more important than ever.”

“The real cost-saving benefit of Lockdowel is how they can un-assemble,” Chad Shelton, President of Bella IMC (Innovative Modern Cabinetry) says. “We can easily replace a damaged door or side without taking out the entire cabinet. Or we can give kitchens a quick facelift by only replacing the cabinet doors. This extends the life of the cabinetry and reduces waste.”

Bella IMC has recently completed a 6,500 cabinet complex using Lockdowel fastening. They needed the job done quickly and according to the company the Lockdowel slide-together assembly process was pivotal in completing the job on time.

Lockdowel has been testing their cabinets to AWI standards for commercial and institutional worthy cabinetry. The company states that the Lockdowel Channel Lock fastener has been holding 1,164 pounds on a one-inch thick shelf for more than a month during in-house testing.

“With these results Lockdowel fastening is not only meeting commercial requirements but we are passing the heavier-duty institutional requirements as well,” Anderson says. “We are ideal for institutions such as dormitories and hospitals that need to move and change furniture out quickly. By disassembling furniture, institutions can store the pieces flat-packed, or knock-down, until they need to be assembled and used again.”

Even the nylon/plastic material used to make Lockdowel fasteners can be melted down and recycled, adding another green aspect to their process. By making it: 1) easy to disassemble and re-assemble quickly; 2) reducing the materials needed to assemble furniture; 3) eliminating glue, 4) enabling flat-packed transportation and storage;

5) being able to replace pieces instead of entire units; and 6) using recyclable plastic; Lockdowel is the greener, leaner choice for furniture, cabinet and store fixture manufacturing.

See Lockdowel assembly in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugLbDTTOtgU

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