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Mobile log cabins by Eurodita

Mobile log cabins by Eurodita

Mobile log cabins Eurodita factory direct

Mobile log cabins Eurodita factory direct

Mobile log cabin connection by Eurodita

Mobile log cabin connection by Eurodita

In this highly competitive domain, many consumers and businesses are turning to log cabin homes, including modular, prefabricated wooden buildings.

Eurodita is constantly booming. First in Europe, now – across the globe. We offer more than 600 unique standard products and an ability to order it by a custom design.”

— Rolanas Kutra

KAUNAS, KAUNO, LITHUANIA, September 24, 2019 / — A report by Research and Markets highlights that the global modular construction market will grow from USD 112.42 billion in 2018 to USD 157.19 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 6.9%. Eurodita is positioned uniquely in the modular structure marketplace, providing traditionally designed and modern, trendy prefabricated cabins to dealers across the UK.

Sentiments among established and keenly competitive, emerging construction & housebuilding firms across the UK clearly point at diversification. The need for affordable fixed and mobile wooden homes is clearly visible. The biggest of conventional building solutions providers are now diversifying into housing options, including portable housing and offsite along with exploring more options for energy-conserving homes built from ethically sourced resources.

With the UK moving quickly to the realism of prefabricated homes, the demand for portable mobile cabins is rising. In the present scenario, the concept of portable homes is expanding, catering to the emerging, modular lifestyle. Drive-around homes have always been considered as eye-candy in the tour and travel domain where static caravan homes, trailer park housing, and on-the-move camping units are the primary focus of travellers. But current trends indicate the increasing use of semi-permanent modular structures as temporary, on-site & off-site accommodation in non-tourism sectors too, such as education, transport, health, construction, and defence.

A report says that the global cross-laminated timber market reached nearly US$664 Million in 2018, expected to reach US$1,457 Million by 2024, exhibiting 13.4% CAGR from 2019 to 2024. Glue-laminated timber is on its way to reaching a value of nearly US$ 4.2 Billion by 2024 – the Imarc Group.

CLT or Cross-laminated timber & Glulam or Glue-laminated timber (glulam) are the top trendings engineered wood products used for various types of pre-fabricated structural projects – both options becoming popular across the UK, as the demand for prefabricated mobile log homes keeps rising.

Factory-built, prefab homes address typical housing industry issues like shortage of skilled labour, environment policies, and on-speed construction. The drive for more ecologically responsible real estate projects, coupled with rising sentiments for carbon reduction and energy efficiency is routing buyers towards modular volumetric construction. Creating lesser waste and providing superior thermal insulation, many modular log homes are outperforming brick & block construction homes. They also conform more with stricter European regulations that insist on more sustainable development and reduced carbon emissions.

A report by Pin-sent Masons states that adoption of modular home construction across the UK has been comparatively slower as compared to nations like Germany or Sweden. Among the 200,000 homes built every year in the UK, only 15,000 are modular but this number is expected to rise. This includes modular log homes being used as ‘tiny’ homes – a growing concept across the UK. Kit-based tiny homes, such a modular log cabin unit, with a floor footprint of nearly 200 square feet is getting a lot of attention. Trailer beds or tiny home trailers are also becoming more common. This is stimulating the need for mobile home options. Also referred to as the micro-home industry in the UK, this might have some answers to the overcrowded parts of Britain.

Compared to the traditional house construction methods, Eurodita mobile home manufacturing procedure combines highly mechanised processes and computerised controls to deliver high quality, reliable, and efficient log cabins. Insight from AMA Research Prefabricated Volumetric Buildings Market Report, UK 2018-2022, clearly highlights temporary accommodation [like log cabin homes] getting more traction from industrial and construction sites and even across outdoor event management landscapes.

High sustainability log homes mean that the design, floor plan and weather-proofing is at par with typical buildings. These movable, pocket-sized homes are easy to haul and come with more relaxations in terms of housing compliances. Many of these mobile homes are emerging as the preference among RV lot owners and campsite managers – as sublet, vacation properties.

With the growing popularity of wooden cabins and log vacation homes in the UK, housing solutions dealers are seeking affordable but compact-sized homes, stimulating the growth of prefabricated housing. Factory-built housing is also a more efficient way of speeding up the construction. Similarly, the rise of semi-permanent school classrooms is boosting the demand for eco-friendlier, more energy-saving modular buildings. Such trends underline the scope for more business opportunities as long as log home dealers can provide end-users realistically priced and high-quality options.

Eurodita uses fine engineering to create lightweight yet durable outhouses, annexes, and lovable pods that are easy to move around using standard hauling or towing methods. The company is now leading the marketplace with its widening range of prefab log structures and timber solutions which are highly affordable and promote green living.

About Eurodita
Based in Lithuania Eurodita is a leading manufacturer and supplier of log cabins, garden sheds, and a variety of other log structures. The company uses the best quality Nordic timber certified by FSC to make environment-friendly glulam buildings. Eurodita’s drive-around modular homes with standardised floor plans comply with global market standards and are ready to be hauled across long distances. Prepared for the roughest weather conditions, these robust and beautiful log cabin homes are specially designed to sustain in the rough climatic conditions across Europe, US, UK, and Australia.

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