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Remodeling the Reputation

The best experience with contractors we've had in our many years of homeowning”

— Nancy S.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2019 / — Hestia Home Services is taking Home Remodeling to the next level. Not only is the company’s culture and process a change of pace for the construction industry, it’s by those same fundamental core competencies that Hestia has built its game-changing, revolutionary foundations on. It’s no secret: Remodelers and contractors alike have a bad reputation when it comes to customer service and experience. Most get there, get the job done, and get out with a minimal amount of interaction. And in the unusual event that there is interaction, it’s most likely not of the pleasant variety. The common thread is that the customer is usually left feeling quite helpless and hopeless.

This is where Hestia comes in. The overwhelming need for someone to not just simply be “better”, but to be different.

Hestia firmly believes that in order to be successful, the customer must be the epicenter of all business operations, from as early as the preliminary phone call to the final unveiling of a newly renovated space. The Hestia team is highly trained to guide the customer through each step of the process, with clarity and respect, making sure the customer understands each step fully and thoroughly. Every handoff along the way – from the Customer Service Representative to the Renovation Specialist, and then from the Renovation Specialist to the Project Manager – is executed strategically and efficiently to ensure the customer knows each of Hestia’s employees and their respective roles in their project. Taking it one step further, Hestia provides a dedicated Client Advocate for each customer, with the sole purpose of ensuring you get all of the support, communication, and results that you need throughout the process.

Described by one Hestia customer as “The best experience with contractors we've had in our many years of homeowning” (Nancy S), to us this perfectly epitomizes what the Hestia difference is to not only the industry but to our clients. The notable difference our process provides is changing the way clients view our contractors.

It’s these results that we deliver that are paving the way for a new reputation in the Remodeling Industry. The stigma and negative connotations that the word “Contractor” may currently bring present a welcomed challenge for Hestia and its team to overcome. And they are doing just that. For most in the Remodeling Industry, the service provided for a remodel – the labor, materials, and expertise – is the extent of what they have to offer. For Hestia, it’s not just about building a bathroom or a kitchen; it’s about building a relationship with the customer. These are the pillars that Hestia was founded on, and that mission has proven to not only result in high-quality renovations but also high-quality relationships and happy customers. Have plans to renovate or know someone who is? We invite you to experience the Hestia difference.

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