Cabinet Makers Turn to Lockdowel Assembly Instead of Paying More for RTA Components from China

Bella IMC assembles cabinets without screws or glue using the Lockdowel system.

Companies are choosing to make cabinets with tool-less Lockdowel assembly instead of buying Chinese cabinet components and paying more at the dock.

Lockdowel snap-in fastening makes cabinet, furniture and closet assembly easy!

U.S.cabinet component companies provide flat-pack RTA cabinets with tool-less Lockdowel fastening to the industry alleviating the need for Chinese components

Once I paid the penalties imposed at the dock to get Chinese cabinets, it wasn't worth buying them. I decided we would start building cabinets ourselves, and Lockdowel was the way we would go.”

— Ray Spore, King of Kitchens and Granite, Owner

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2019 / — In the October 30th article of Woodworking Network "RTA cabinet importers critical of trade petition" it was stated there were no United States RTA cabinet providers.

The Lockdowel Cabinet Component Providers page:
lists four RTA cabinet component providers in the U.S. using Lockdowel assembly. They have each chosen the Lockdowel fastening method because it allows them to manufacture cabinets faster and enables their customers to save at least 60% in the cost of manpower to assemble cabinets.

U.S. companies have been providing cabinet components with Lockdowel fastening to the building industry across the nation for three years. They make components from raw materials and nothing is imported from China or anywhere else. These cabinets are easily assembled on-site or off-site and utilize the tool-less, glue-less Lockdowel assembly system, reducing assembly hours and lead time. Some can fulfill cabinet orders in as little as five days.

When a company chooses to assemble with Lockdowel they assemble more cabinets faster with less manpower. Here are real numbers reported by Bella IMC using the Lockdowel fastening method vs. other assembly methods.

Cabinet Production Comparison-
Daily Production Cabinet Assembly per 8 Hour Day

Number of Assembly Workers: – 1 —- 3 —– 6 —— 12

Lockdowel Fastening System: -90 — 270 — 540 — 1080

All Other Fastening Methods: –27 —- 80 —- 160 —- 320

Additional Cabinets per Day: –63 —- 190 —- 380 —- 760

The Lockdowel fastener system allows Bella IMC to assemble a standard cabinet, including doors, in five minutes with one technician. According to Bella IMC, this is more than 80% faster than the traditional dowel and glue assembly method.

“By outsourcing Lockdowel components, cabinet shops and fixture companies can respond faster to opportunities, accelerate results, and discover the savings in labor and assembly Lockdowel offers without investing in additional equipment or infrastructure," Stephen Anderson CEO of Lockdowel says.

Many companies are choosing to manufacture their own RTA cabinets with Lockdowel fastening instead of paying sanctions and tariffs. "Once I paid the penalties imposed at the dock to get Chinese cabinets, it wasn't worth buying them," Ray Spore, Owner of King of Kitchens and Granite in Lake Worth, Florida says. "I decided we would start building cabinets ourselves, and Lockdowel was the way we would go."

Companies manufacturing cabinets and furniture with Lockdowel assembly are reducing Assembly Cycle Time (ACT) and overall Lead Time driving their businesses rapidly ahead. Substantially ahead – 50, 60 even 70 percent in some cases! You can see how much Lockdowel could save your company with the Lockdowel savings calculator:

Lockdowel fastening is no longer novel. The method has been proving itself since 2008. It is BIFMA and ANSI certified and passes WI method tests. Some of the biggest names in office furniture have put Lockdowel fasteners through the most stringent tests their engineers could fathom. Now they are manufacturing with Lockdowel too.

To implement Lockdowel and reduce Assembly Cycle Time (ACT) and complete jobs faster, email:

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Lockdowel Fastening Makes Assembly Easy and Fast

Source: EIN Presswire