Gebesa, Mexico’s leading office design firm, and furniture manufacturer launches an office design blog

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Find all the information you need to know before, during and after furnishing your work spaces. From planning, to how to improve your current spaces.

USA, March 18, 2020 / — Gebesa, a global leader in office design and furniture manufacturing, has announced the launch of its office design blog. The company’s objective for the blog is multifaceted. Not only will it serve as an invaluable resource for other companies looking to maximize the value and efficiency of their workspaces, but the blog also provides readers with direct access to innovative voices and thought leaders in the office design industry. In addition to numerous posts per month, readers also enjoy access to free e-books.

The blog’s content covers a wide array of topics all focused on creating valuable spaces that dramatically improve employee productivity. From office layout to individual furniture pieces, Gebesa’s blog is an invaluable resource to businesses who are serious about maximizing the efficiency, enjoyment, comfort, and professionalism of their offices. Interior designers, architects, students, business owners, and HR or facilities managers will greatly benefit from the blog’s content. Since the blog’s soft launch in the fall of 2019, Gebesa has posted dozens of articles loaded with helpful information. Topics include office layout examples, color selection guides, furniture and equipment essentials, and guides on how to create modern offices that increase productivity.

“Companies constantly struggle with improving their bottom line while also spending considerable resources on improving morale and productivity. One of the most effective and valuable strategies for accomplishing both of these tasks is to create an office environment that is welcoming, modern, and encourages the development of an innovative culture that can accomplish a shared objective,” Jorge Pamanes at Gebesa says. “While it might sound easy to simply update your office with new furniture and modern looking accessories, it is also extremely important to consider the function of the office, the layout of the furniture, and a hundred other details that can help greatly increase productivity in any office. That is where our blog comes in.”

The Gebesa office design blog will guide readers in navigating every step of the journey to create a better office environment. In addition to highlighting new products, special offers, and otherwise showcasing the company’s vast catalog, the blog is also an excellent resource for companies that are looking to completely overhaul their office spaces.

Readers who arrive at the blog will immediately notice its clean design, simple UI, and ease of access to a wide variety of posts. Topics range from office design, productivity at work, workspace design, office equipment, ergonomics, and much more. The blog’s design is a reflection of the company’s products: simple and clean products that have a strong impact on the future of any office space. Anyone who spends time at the Gebesa office design blog will feel confident in their ability to choose products and create a space that will greatly impact the future of their business. Gebesa specializes in offering products that help give or enhance a company’s unique identity, and their customers can expect to find everything they need at Gebesa. Proper ambiance lighting, ergonomic seating solutions, desk and table colors, and of course layout are all elements that Gebesa specializes in when it comes to creating an office environment that everyone can enjoy. While some people have no problem selecting a range of products or coming up with an office layout on their own, others who are perhaps a little less creative may struggle in this regard, and the Gebesa office design blog is a wonderful tool for those in need of a little extra assistance. Another aspect of office design that Gebesa stresses is ergonomics, and numerous posts on the office design blog emphasize this aspect. Choosing a piece of furniture that is beautiful to look at yet miserable to sit in accomplishes nothing in terms of improved productivity. Gebesa’s blog stresses the importance of ergonomics as much as it does aesthetics. This is one element of the company’s philosophy that sets it apart from numerous competitors.

“The blog is a great tool that takes all the guesswork out of the layout and product selection process,” Pamanes says. “While redesigning an office space can feel overwhelming and intimidating at first, the blog is a great launchpad for anyone who needs guidance. The blog is an excellent reflection of our company’s mission and culture, and our readers will quickly see how invaluable having a partner like Gebesa is after reading just a couple of posts.”

Gebesa has been a leader in producing high-quality office furniture and office design services since 1973. From its humble beginnings in Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico, the company now enjoys a reach that extends across the United States. Companies across American lean heavily on Gebesa for providing modern solutions to a constantly evolving workspace in the form of office furniture, storage, and equipment solutions. The company’s extensive catalog offers a full range of products including seating, desk and table, filing and storage, technology and office accessories, and other unique workflow and ergonomic solutions. With a fierce commitment to function, quality, and comfort, Gebesa is a trusted partner to those who are serious about dramatically improving the quality of life for its employees while at the same time greatly increasing office productivity and morale.

The company is a trusted partner to firms who understand the significance of creating comfortable, professional spaces that employees thrive in. Gebesa is ISO 9001 certified, GREENGUARD certified, and is a member of BIFMA. While the company maintains a strong presence throughout America, Gebesa is well on its way to becoming a partner to companies across the globe.

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