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Windermere partners with FloorPlanOnline to provide a Virtual Showing Service featuring virtual walkthroughs, 2D/3D floor plans and professional photography.

I am actively looking for a home right now, and I wish every listing had the tools FloorPlanOnline provides as it gives me everything I need make a decision, just by seeing the property online.”

— Brooks Burton, Windermere COO

SEATTLE, WA, USA, June 16, 2020 / — FloorPlanOnline, a proptech platform that includes the homeowner platform HomeDiary, has partnered with Windermere Real Estate to bring the Virtual Showing Service to any of their real estate listings. The Virtual Showing Service features immersive 3D/360 virtual walkthroughs, HD photography in the context of floor plans, and an exclusive 3D Designer that allows potential buyers to drag & drop furniture, change wall colors or experiment with wall placement, all from the single property website, or virtual tour, dedicated to the home. FloorPlanOnline has also integrated with Moxi Works to enable single sign-on to simplify the Windermere agent sign up and to provide access from within its intranet.

The tour features floor plans in multiple formats. Floor plans have been ranked as the most important traditional listing content by over 80% of online buyers, and now every listing can have the content buyers deem most important in these times of social distancing and limited open houses, while enabling them to virtually visit a property anytime with complete and transparent access. Most importantly, sellers will always have a “show ready” home, reducing the health risks and hassles of having to have physical property showings.

The enterprise agreement positions FloorPlanOnline as the preferred virtual tour service for Windermere agents that will leverage the FloorPlanOnline network of local service providers and its proprietary process to create the necessary listing content during one appointment. Most major markets throughout the western United States will be served with full service options. In other areas, partial or self service options will be available.

“I am actively looking for a home right now, and I wish every listing had the tools FloorPlanOnline provides because it gives me everything I need to help make a decision, just by seeing the property online." said Brooks Burton, COO of Windermere. “As a buyer, I find huge value in seeing the walkthrough and clear, legible floor plans with photo locations. Their 3D Design tool is also cool, as I can play around with furniture placement or even add or remove walls to see what that open concept might look like, all virtually before picking up a hammer or saw. I plan on using their HomeDiary feature for the new condo I close on soon to help me with the remodel work I will be doing!”

“With the current world events and social distancing policies, more people are online now than ever before, and the need for some kind of online virtual tour experience has never been greater, since people often can’t visit a property in person.” said Kris Cone, CEO of FloorPlanOnline. “Our platform lets agents showcase listings 24/7 like no other, and the guided walkthrough gives the buyer an automated tour of the home in 3 minutes or less, just by clicking a button. It's also an interactive tool that allows for a deeper exploration at the browser’s leisure, just by clicking anywhere on the 3D property scan. Our point & click floor plans with photos and 3D Designer compliments the walkthrough and helps users further visualize the space, and even enables “What if '' scenarios. We take things a step further by allowing the buyer, and the seller, to claim the home and get access to the listing content, including the photos and 2D/3D floor plans with designer, in their own private HomeDiary, to use either as a tool to help them manage their new home, or as a keepsake for their old home.”

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About FloorPlanOnline with HomeDiary
FloorPlanOnline with HomeDiary is a leader in online listing marketing featuring floor plan visuals and other listing media. The company is the only home-related platform that has a 2D/3D floor plan tool that can be used by all parties involved in the transaction and through all phases of ownership, because HomeDiary attaches the floor plan to the home as a permanent property record. The company provides full service photography and floor plan services throughout various markets in the United States, and it is expanding its service territory through partnerships with local photographers. It also has self service tools to allow agents to convert virtually any raw floor plan source into 2D and 3D floor plans, for the listing, and beyond. Learn more @ Contact Kris Cone @ or 206-384-4400, x100.

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