Liz Jordan-Hill® Fabrics Pushes COVID-19 Out of the Headlines with Aquaclean's SafeFront® Upholstery Technology

SafeFront Technology Helps to  Stop the Proliferation of Bacteria, and Reduces the Population of Bacteria

Liz Jordan-Hill Furniture Comes Embedded with Aqua Clean SafeFront Anti-Microbial Technology

The Liz Jordan-Hill Millennial Love Seat Upholstered in Bellagio Velvet Aqua Clean Fabric

The Millennial Love Seat In Fabric Color Blossom

Liz Jordan-Hill Bellagio Velvet Aqua Clean Upholstery Fabric

Liz Jordan-Hill Offers Six Upholstery Fabric Colors From Our Bellagio Velvet Collection

Aquaclean® Fabric is the most intelligent furniture upholstery on the market. Fiber-level stain resistance tech allows for water to lift stains with only H20

There is no more fear of ruining your furniture investment, as stains lift from our fabric with only water. Furniture is available in range of colors to satisfy the most discriminating tastes.”

— Liz Jordan-Hill Home

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2020 / — Liz features a beautiful selection of lux velvet, chenille and boucle fabrics along with a scratch resistant pet friendly Suede. Making Liz Jordan-Hill and Aquaclean® fabric a new luxury must for both active families and commerce.

What sets Aquaclean's SafeFront Technology apart from other fabric treatments?

Liz Jordan-Hill Fabric featuring Aquaclean Fabric's SAFE FRONT® technology protects as standard against enveloped viruses and bacteria, effectively reducing its activity by more than 91% against untreated fabrics. This shield maintains optimal levels of hygiene on your sofa by acting permanently. SAFE FRONT® has been proved to be a great help against mite allergies since 1999.

There are as many ways to enjoy a sofa as there are people in the world. That is why, more than 50 years ago, we decided to create fabrics that were prepared for absolutely everything. Even for the unexpected.

There is no more fear from spills as water simply removes stains. Available in a host of colors along with a quick ship color range to satisfy the most discriminating tastes.

All Liz Jordan-Hill furniture is Made in the USA, ships pre-paid with white glove on site delivery and exceeds established wear performance standards.
Our Furniture collection is designed for lasting beauty.

FURNITURE Specifications Construction details :
All products are 8-way hand tied. Hardwood laminate and hardwood construction for the frame. Limited lifetime warranty on both. Seat cushions are innerspring cushions encased in a fabric ticking. Loose back styles are filled with a micro-denier polyester fiber that is channeled into multiple chambers to reduce setting.

Is my Liz sofa PROTECTED with Safe Front®?
All Bellagio Velvet AQUACLEAN collections have been protected with Safe Front® as standard since 1999. From March 2019, all AQUACLEAN collections have incorporated the SAFE FRONT® treatment.

How can I DISINFECT my sofa with Aquaclean?
Safe Front® is a powerful permanent barrier against external agents that is applied as standard in the fabric manufacturing process, so there is no need for external disinfecting or sanitizing agents. If you want to keep the sofa clean, you can vacuum it with a soft brush.

However, we understand that during the health crisis due to COVID-19 there may be circumstances in which you will be calmer doing extra disinfection.

Sofa Style Information
● Loose Square Boxed Back
● Straight Front Cushion, Tapered Leg
● Suspension System: 8-Way Hand Tied
● Seat Cushion: Millenium
● Back Cushion: Comfort Dream

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