Yardley Kitchen Bath Reveals the Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2020

Dark color palette - kitchen remodel ideas

Dark Colors are trending for Kitchen & Bath remodeling

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Trends 2020 Tiles

Tile design can really take the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom to the next level!

Industrial Style is Trending for Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Industrial Style is Trending for Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Trends 2020 Tiles

A pop of color will spice up your kitchen or bathroom remodel!

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel High Preformance

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels have gone High-Tech and High Preformance

Local Bucks County, PA, and award-winning kitchen & bath remodeling contracting company, Yardley Kitchen Bath, reveals to all, the remodeling trends for 2020.

YARDLEY, PA, US, July 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — With so many options it can be hard to decide what you want your next kitchen & bathroom remodel to be. Sometimes it nice to know what is trendy, even if it’s just to get a single idea that can then be twisted to fit your own style. Local Bucks County, PA kitchen & bath remodeling contracting company: Yardley Kitchen Bath found that 2020 has some interesting trends for remodeling that might have you excited to start your next renovation! You might be surprised at what bold new looks could be used in your home. So let’s look at some kitchen & bathroom remodel ideas that are trending for 2020!

For kitchens, there are the following trends…
– Matching the countertops with the backsplash. This creates a smooth transition from the backsplash to kitchen counters!
– Contrasting or dark-colored countertops to create a bold look.
– Sleek cabinetry or open shelves for storage and decor.
– Pops of color to break up a white or neutral kitchen scheme.
– Gravity-defying islands or double islands will take your kitchen to the next level of function and style!
– Go classic or vintage with a modern updated twist!
– Switch to a steel hood for your stove-top and grille.
– Colorful tiles or tile patterns to liven up the kitchen!
– A slab backsplash adds class and sophistication to any home kitchen.
– High-performance countertops that aren't easy to stain, ding or damage so you can cook without worries!
– Bring back a vintage taste with navy colored mill-work.
– Silver or gold-tipped light bulbs mean lampshades are not needed!
– A cool color pallet for your kitchen. Think calming blues!

For bathrooms, there are the following trends…
– Wood accents are back and look great in the bathroom!
– Blacks have become the new grey for bathroom colors. Nothing wrong with embracing a darker color pallet!
– Adding plenty of storage to stay organized will make your morning routines much easier!
– Pops of color to add fun and visual interest is never a bad thing!
– Asymmetrical mirrors can be a great fit for personal vanity.
– The classic and vintage styles with brass or golds are making a comeback!
– Consider heated flooring to make winters more bearable!
– Add fun and colorful tile patterns to add visual interest!
– Floating vanities are perfect that anyone who wants a classy addition to their bathroom.
– Bring your bathroom into the future with the latest convenience technology!
– Wallpaper has come back into style so let yourself have some fun!
– The stylings of industrial work perfectly for the modern-day bathroom.
– Pinks or Blush colors add warmth and comfort to your private time.

Yardley Kitchen Bath noticed, and we are sure you noticed too, that these lists had some interesting similarities. Are vital rooms of any home it isn’t uncommon for kitchens and bathrooms to share trends sometimes. If you are the kind of person that really likes cohesion throughout the home then this is great news for you! It is still completely fine if you like variety between rooms too, everyone and every home have their own styles. Let's take a closer look at these shared trends for more kitchen & bathroom to remodel ideas!

– Dark Color Palettes… "They say everything goes well with black, and we are inclined to believe them. Black is classy and never fussy. It is easy on the eyes and stands out from the mundane. For bathrooms black has begun to take the place of grey which for a long time has been a popular color choice. In kitchens, black countertops are proving to be an amazing choice that adds contrast and a modern flair to the room".

– Pop of Color… "Adding a pop of color to a primarily white, dark, or neutral themed room is a great way to add personality to your kitchen and bathroom remodel. Colors convey different feelings or traits – blues are usually calming, yellows are typically cheerful and reds are seen as passionate. These colors will liven up a kitchen with an otherwise monochromatic palette and grab the positive attention of all your guests".

– Classic Design… "Somethings just never truly go out of style! Classic design or vintage touches are coming back again for kitchen & bathroom remodel ideas. Some homeowners are making the clawfoot bathtub the centerpiece of their bathrooms. Brass and gold accents look good in either the kitchen or bathroom since they add warmth and refined style to the home. Add a modern twist on these vintage styles!".

– Tiles Design… "Backsplashes in bathrooms or kitchens are the perfect place to add some color tiles in beautiful designs! From Moroccan fish scales, chevrons, hexagon, and subway tiles – there is a pattern for everyone! It's an easy way to liven up any bathroom or kitchen space with color and visual interest. Adding tile to the backsplash is a great place to add patterns or color without having to change the entire kitchen or bathroom!".

– High-Performance… "In the modern world with ever-improving technology, it's no wonder homeowners wanna bring their kitchens & bathrooms out of the past and into the future! There are now kitchen countertops that aren’t vulnerable to scratches or stains, meaning you can cook and simply live without worry. Smart technology is making its way from the living-room into the kitchens and bathrooms too! There are smart toilets, high-tech showers, automatic sinks, sound systems, and voice-activated utilities now available on the market. Feel like you are in the future with these upgrades in your next remodel!".

– Industrial Design… "This stand-out style is perfect for those who can see the beauty in the functionality of a kitchen or bathroom. Don’t be afraid to show light bulbs, especially if they are tipped in gold or silver! Let those shiny metal pipes show as apart of the design in your bathroom! It's a look that is bold and has nothing to hide! This doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for fun though. The industrial look works well with wooden accents, colorful tile patterns, and even classy room styling. This is an edgy design for those who want to get very creative!".

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on what to consider when planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel this year! These were the top trends in kitchen & bath remodeling for 2020 provided by Yardley Kitchen Bath. If you are in the Bucks County area then also consider Yardley Kitchen Bath as your remodeling contractor, you can call them for a free consulatation!

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