A Variety of Addlux LED Lighting Technologies Enable Backlighting of Any Translucent Material

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Astrolux Backlighting Technology by Addlux

Astrolux Backlighting Technology by Addlux

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LD Light Sheet by Addlux

Addlux releases new article to help customers select the most suitable LD technology to brightly illuminate their designs.

At Addlux, we specialise in advising customers on the choice of the most compatible and most economical LD lighting technology for their chosen design and material choice”

— Niels ullerton-Batten, Managing Director

LONDON, UNITD KINGDOM, September 10, 2020 /INPresswire.com/ — Recently Addlux published an article* describing how the correct choice of an LD technology with a specific translucent material can enable even and bright illumination of different translucent materials ranging from stone, plastics, fabric, printed graphics and even to wood.

Typically, materials which are more opaque and have stronger colouration offer more flexibility when choosing an LD lighting solution. Good examples of this are natural stone panels such as onyx and quartzite, followed by engineered agate or glass panels with multiple interlayers.

rom the outset it is important to know the level of translucency or light transmission through the surface material in order to be able to decide on the optimum lighting solution for the material of choice. When light transmission values are not available from supplier for a chosen material, Addlux will even offer free sample testing of a preferred translucent material in combination with the various competing LD lighting technologies. In addition, Addlux pre-order technical support has helped overcome issues that can occur when backlighting thinner and more translucent materials, such as lighting hotspots.

Most common translucent materials used as backlit diffusers are:

• Natural stone e.g. onyx, alabaster, quartzite – naturally translucent when cut in thin sections. Also, engineered stone like agate panels and stone veneers.
• Glass – available in many forms e.g. textured, printed, laminated, stained glass art and recycled glass
• Variety of plastics – acrylic, polycarbonate, stone imitations like Corian, light filter sheets, recycled plastics and composites
• abric canvas, often held in place with a silicone strip to provide tension
• Printed graphics on paper, vinyl or Duratrans
• Wood veneer

eatures and benefits of Addlux LD backlighting technologies and support include:

• illumination with white, RGB or RGBW LDs
• versatility in design
• bespoke sizing and shapes
• use of high quality, long warranty LD components
• pre-order expert professional advice
• competitive prices and fast delivery
• excellent post-sales support

* The article, “Backlighting for Any Translucent Material” can be found here: https://www.addlux.com/backlighting-translucent-materials/

About Addlux Limited: We are a supplier of bespoke LD Lighting components for B2B and private customers. We specialise in LD Light Sheet, LD Light Boxes, Astrolux LD back-lighting and Raylux edge-lighting solutions for backlighting translucent materials. or more information on Addlux LD Lighting Technologies visit https://www.addlux.com/ or contact us directly by email (info@addlux.com) or by phone (+44 (0)333 800 1828).

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