Announcing the CNC Factory New Python XPR with 5th Generation Technology

CNC Factory’s New Python XPR with 5th Generation Technology never needs homing, easily adds new features as needed, and uses HD touchscreen control with a library of cabinets at your fingertips.

CNC Factory Launches CNC 5th Generation Technology with the New Award Winning Python XPR

It’s so smart it’s simple! The New Python XPR is the efficient, high-output machine that makes small shops deliver like huge shops and huge shops deliver bank!”

— Chris Corrales, CNC Factory Owner and CEO

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 10, 2020 / — CNC Factory announces the New Python XPR with 5th Generation Technology. CNC Factory’s award winning Python XPR CNC Machine Center now delivers 5th Generation Driverless Controls enabling users to program at the machine and select cabinets and components to cut using the HD touch screen control center. In addition, the new Python XPR can print and apply its own labels on cut components. With 5th Generation Technology the New Python XPR never needs daily calibration.

“CNC Factory’s proprietary driverless CNC operating system eliminates the need for experienced users,” CNC Factory Owner and CEO, Chris Corrales explains. “The at-the-control cabinet cutting library, self-marking parts, and robotic labeling capability take away the repetitive daily grind of running a CNC. Parts come out quickly and marked for secondary production.”

The CNC Factory engineering team designed the Python to do all the heavy lifting, loading and unloading. Unlike other machines on the market, CNC Factory’s 5th Generation machines do not need to re-calibrate, or seek home, when turned on or reset. “This saves about ten minutes each time the machine is reset, and reduces over 40 moving and electrical out-dated components,” Corrales explains.

5th Generation Technology allows the Python to continually check its components and communicate back to the operator, on the new HD touch screen, when something needs attention. “This takes the stress off the operator, because the second anything needs attention, the Python lets them know what it needs to do,” Corrales says. With 5th Generation Technology the Python’s intelligent control center constantly communicates and allows the user a new stress-free working cell with these benefits:
1) Users command the Python with the new high definition touch screen and can program cabinets and cutting at the control keeping them in the same production spot.
2) Experience operators are not needed. The Python XPR 5G is self-thinking and can mark and label its own cuts, unload, and be ready for secondary production, with no human mistakes
3) It communicates with the vacuum system and knows the current vacuum hold down pressure enabling it to detect warps!
4) The Python XPR cleans the spoil board in under 30 seconds between cuts with assisted air blowing.
5) It has a robotic dust hood for the HSD spindle. It knows the length of the bit being used and will automatically adjust the dust skirt for the cleanest, safest environment.
6) The Python XPR can communicate with CNC Factory advance support team, virtually. This takes CNC Factory's Life Time Support to a whole new level!

With 5th Generation Technology the New Python XPR is ALWAYS ready for new information – and new information from new devices. It has all the power to expect from an advanced CNC controller and the new user-friendly 5G experience. 5th Generation Technology allows the Python to “grow as you grow” with plug-and-play upgrades that protect your investment.

“To add a new device or feature to the Python it’s as easy as “Plug n’ Play!” Corrales explains. Python owners can add any of the following devices or features and use them the same day:
1) 2021 Robotic Unloading Arm direct to edgebander or stacking;
2) Misting or air system for cutting;
3) Printer, marking and robotic label application;
4) Advance drill blocks!

5th Generation Technology also means the New Python is multi-lingual in the way it receives programming instructions. It can accept cutting instructions: 1) at the control center 2) directly from G-code 3) from USB or the network 4) from any office with built in wireless communication. This makes the New Python compatible with every cabinet software available to date.

“It’s so smart it’s simple!” says Corrales. “The New Python XPR is the efficient, high-output machine that makes small shops deliver like huge shops and huge shops deliver bank!”

The new Python XPR with 5th Generation Technology sells for $76,800. Each CNC Factory machine purchase includes an 18 month warranty, virtual and life-long customer support. CNC Factory promises that "nobody supports customers better!" See the NEW Python XPR with 5-G Technology in action at

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CNC Factory’s 5th Generation New Award Winning Python XPR!

Source: EIN Presswire