Mastrangelo Law Offices Settles Postal Worker Injury for $206,500

Nick Mastrangelo - Top Bay Area Attorney

Nick Mastrangelo – Top Bay Area Attorney

While trying to do the right thing and deliver critical medicine to an elderly person, a post office mail worker was injured.

Sadly the injury could have been prevented with some very inexpensive grip tape or other non slip surface coating.”

— Nick Mastrangelo

ORINDA, CA, USA, April 23, 2021 / — Sometimes doing the right thing doesn't go right. Recently a postal worker, that we used to call the mail man, was injured trying to do the right thing. We'll call our mail carrier "Jan" to protect those involved. Jan like many long time post office mail carriers had a regular route and knew many of the people on her route. Like many modern routes, Jan's was mostly "neighborhood" and street boxes. There was very little delivery to the house or the porch.

One of the customers on Jans route was an elderly widow, who had mobility issues. One rainy January morning, Jan noticed that the elderly customer's medications were to be delivered. Instead of holding them at the post office which is the normal procedure, it was decided that Jan would deliver the medications directly to the front door in order to reduce the risk if the widow didn't get her medications on time. Normally Jan would stay in her mail truck and deliver the mail to street side boxes.

Instead of staying in the mail truck when Jan arrived at the elderly customer's house, she parked intending to deliver the medications to the widow at the front door. Typical of the area, the widows home had a wooden gated courtyard in front and a wooden sloped wheelchair ramp leading from a landing to a concrete walkway. Our client opened the front gate and took one step onto the sloped wooden ramp when her foot slipped out from under her on the ramp and she fell forward onto the concrete path on her right hand. She suffered a fractured right wrist, requiring surgery. The ramp had been constructed without a non slip safety coating, creating a dangerous situation that Jan was unaware of.

The plywood ramp had become very slippery. Most ramps like this have a safety coating that adds friction. Unfortunately for Jan this one did not and it resulted in her being injured while trying to do the right thing. Not sure what to do after receiving medical care for her fractured wrist, Jan called the Mastrangelo Law Offices. Nick Mastrangelo reached out to the widows insurance company and reached a settlement agreement on Jan's behalf of $206,500 for the injury, and other damages. " Sadly the injury could have been prevented with some very inexpensive grip tape or other non slip surface coating." said Mr. Mastrangelo.

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