Margaret's the COUTURE CLEANER launches "CleanByMail®" worldwide

John Horst during his early career May 1956

Accidents happen from a bottle of hand sanitizer that exploded in the Valentino handbag, pictured here, to an unexpected washing disaster like this black leather-trimmed dress.

Clean by Mail – Hermès Before and After

The most prominent service providers for fine retailers, including Louis Vuitton, Hermès, CHANEL, Valentino, GUCCI, GIORGIO ARMANI, Burberry and Loro Piana

Blown away"… "An amazing save"… "Truly astonishing"… "Looks new again"… "As though the damage never happened"…" Absolutely spectacular work!" Margaret's hands down, THE BEST!”

— The Staff at The Rodeo Drive Valentino Boutique

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, May 20, 2021 / — Professional designer handbag cleaning is one of Margaret's core services and is performed entirely by hand, as it requires masterful skill and experience. Cleaning techniques vary depending on the material, nature, and extent of soil; unlike regular clothes, handbags don't come with care label tags! The experienced handbag cleaning specialists at Margaret's know how to care for a great variety of fabrics, treating a wide variety of soil, ink, dyes, and oils found on most leather and suede handbags. They clean, repair & detail purses, handbags, travel bags, wallets & luggage to help you maintain their original appearance.

In addition to cleaning, handbags often require some level of repair, from a simple re-edging to a complete deconstruction and rebuild. Margaret's handbag department includes a 27-year experienced Hermès Master Craftsman. In addition, Margaret's experts perform restoration services on Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and all high-end accessory brands. Margaret today has an unmatched reputation for both the highest quality repair and restorations and "white gloves" customer service.

Margaret's cleaning experts can clean and/or restore your favorite handbags, travel bags, clutches, luggage, and more. Full-feature services include cleaning, refinishing, restoration, mold removal, repairs, conditioning, water repellent, sterilization, and deodorizing. No matter what their condition is, they are brought back to a like-new appearance.

Margaret’s caters to retailers through its Retailer Alliance Program. Since 1995 Margarets has partnered with the finest couture retailers and boutiques to maintain their full range of stock merchandise, assist with customer spot and damage issues, and provide cost-effective uniform cleaning. Margarets specializes in the restoration of damaged garments, often “saved” items that were improperly handled by other cleaners, and managed to remove stains that others were not able to do. Treatments start with a complimentary analysis and consultation regarding unusual issues that could occur.

Margaret's regularly processes items for other dry cleaners across the Nation. Their wholesale cleaning and repair department has the skills to handle things beyond the scope or equipment of many. The most expensive and delicate garments that were accidentally damaged during a standard cleaning process are often saved by Margaret's experts. Extensive repairs, refinishing, and restoration of vintage clothes are Margaret's specialties.

When in doubt, don't trust those unique pieces to an unproven dry cleaner. Margaret's just launched a new worldwide CleanByMail® service for cleaning or repairing your handbags, ties, leathers, suedes, sweaters, knits, or even preserving your wedding gown, no matter where you live. The bespoke service extends to custom shipping boxes with each garment properly packaged for its protection. You can obtain a request form on Margaret's website to accompany your order at:

“Our core values reflect what matters to us, both as a company and as the group of individuals who make up Margaret's family. Our values are the solid foundation and guiding principles of our company culture. By consistently working hard to maintain our values, we endeavor to preserve what makes Margaret’s so special…a commitment to each other, to the customers we serve, and to the communities in which we work and live”. Chuck Horst, President

Margaret's receives CleanByMail® packages daily from across the nation. Many other dry cleaners have come to rely on Margaret's for their most demanding cleaning challenges. Their patent-pending software, self-designed award-winning plant, and the development of proprietary processes have come to make Margaret's the Nation's largest couture cleaner. In addition, we offer a more comprehensive variety of services than any other dry cleaner in North America.

Margaret's handles warranty cleaning and repair for all types of garments, shoes, handbags, and accessories cleaning. Trusted by retailers and design houses to restore damaged merchandise to "like new" condition, Margaret's has the experience to significantly reduce the size of many claims by repairing instead of replacing specialty items that would typically be considered a total loss.

About Margaret’s the COUTURE CLEANER
Since 1953 Margarets, headquartered in San Diego, CA, with 4 locations in CA, including La Jolla, Del Mar/Rancho Sante Fe, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and CleanByMail® Worldwide.

Margaret's was founded in 1953 with just a pair of pants and a sweater. For 34 years, because of her extensive skill at hand washing, stain removal, alterations, pressing, knit blocking & knit repair, Margaret Clutter's business earned the reputation for being the best in the prestigious La Jolla, CA community. In 1987, at the age of 80, Margaret sold her company to John and Barbara Horst. Continuing the family heritage of owning cleaning businesses that started with his grandfather in the late 1800's, John's first goal was to develop a first-rate dry cleaning facility on the premises. Offering impeccable repairs that serve the customer alongside quaint personalized service with time-honored cleaning techniques.

In 1988, John and Barbara Horst acquired Margaret's, and the company has remained family-owned and operated. The new state-of-the-art processing plant was built in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego and utilizes Margaret's Patented Garment Restoration Automatic Itemizing Imaging and Tagging System, GRATIS. The system is the industry's first and only dedicated textile restoration and itemizing software. Margaret's is the nations First Five Star Certified Couture Cleaner, specializing in delicate garments, couture handbag restoration, leather, suede refinishing, vintage gown, couture bridal alterations, fur cleaning and storage, smoke and odor restoration. All preservations include a worldwide lifetime warranty through the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. With over four generations of dry cleaning experience and numerous specialty services, you can trust Margaret's with your most delicate garments and most challenging cleaning needs. For more information, visit

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