Twenty-Five Second On-Site Corrugated Pallet Assembly with Lifdek Pallets

Lifdek Corporation, an innovator of site-assembled corrugated paper pallet technology, has
further optimized its corrugated pallet design to simplify pallet assembly, reducing assembly time. Latest design now available through licensees worldwide.

ORLANDO, FL, USA, October 14, 2018 / — Lifdek’s latest revised pallet design replaces the older design that used punch locks in the top deck, which took an additional five seconds of assembly time. The only intended benefit the punch locks provided was to help keep the outer pallet portions in the down position for loading, however recent testing has proved them to be completely unnecessary. The deletion of punch locks does not affect performance, and it reduces assembly labor. The new design, without punch locks, has already completely replaced the old punch lock design in the United States and is being rolled out worldwide. Lifdek pallets are assembled by folding two corrugated blanks together – a concept that was started in 1956, but only recently brought to a point where it has become commercially viable. Lifdek pallets are typically used for shipping loads of 2000 pounds or less, although the company has other heavy-duty versions for heavier loads and tougher applications. The pallets are manually assembled on inexpensive assembly jigs at a cost of only $200.

According to Joseph Danko, President of Lifdek, “Our company continues to push the envelope in corrugated pallet design to reduce price and increase viable applications. It is an exciting time for corrugated paper pallets as more and more companies consider them a less expensive, and sustainable alternative to wood pallets.”

Lifdek licenses its pallet technology to box manufacturers and packaging companies worldwide, which produce the die cut blanks for their own use as well as their local customers. The Lifdek business model allows Lifdek pallets to be produced and shipped locally anywhere in the world, providing the most cost competitive corrugated pallets anywhere. Lifdek licensees have access to numerous pallet sizes and designs to accommodate a company's specific requirements and applications.

About Lifdek Corporation
Lifdek is a developer of corrugated pallet technology that enables companies to reduce pallet related costs, while offering safe and sustainable shipping platforms. Lifdek pallets can be uniquely and completely assembled on-site prior to use. The patented pallets are available worldwide.
For further information, visit

Lifdek Corporation
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Lifdek Pallet Durability

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Lockdowel Fast Fastening to Exhibit at Wood Pro Expo Lancaster Booth 205 Oct. 18 and 19

Lockdowel fastening saves hours of manufacturing and assembly time.

Lockdowel’s barbed H clip snaps in quickly and simply!

Lockdowel snap-in fastening makes assembly simple.

See Lockdowel snap-in, tool-less fastening at WPE Lancaster Oct. 18 & 19 in the CNC Factory Booth #205

Furniture and cabinets can be assembled in a fraction of the time that conventional fastening solutions require, because Lockdowel fasteners slide into pre-routed slots and snap securely into place”

— Stephen Anderson, Lockdowel CEO

LANCASTER, PA, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2018 / — Lockdowel Inc., manufacturers of tool-less, glue-less, snap-in fasteners for furniture, cabinets and closets will demonstrate at Wood Pro Expo in Lancaster, Pennsylvania October 18 -19 in the CNC Factory booth #205. The company will show how its slide-to-lock technology enables fast, simple fastening of cabinets, chairs, tables, shelving and millwork, saving hours of assembly and manufacturing time.

“Lockdowel customers have found that furniture, cabinets and closets can be assembled in a fraction of the time that conventional fastening solutions require, because Lockdowel fasteners slide into pre-routed slots and snap securely into place,” Lockdowel CEO Stephen Anderson says. “It is fitting that we are in the CNC Factory booth, since they have built a robust, laser measured CNC designed for inserting Lockdowel fasteners and precisely drilling the required insertion holes.”

CNC Factory designs and manufactures CNC machines in their Santa Ana, California facility. They have launched the new Scorpion LDR, an inserting and drilling machine for Lockdowel’s nylon and metal fasteners of various sizes.

“The LDR is the only Lockdowel machine to perform high speed dual drilling which can insert two sizes of Lockdowel fasteners at the same time,” Chris Corrales, Owner of CNC Factory says. “With CNC Factory being located in the United States, we can integrate new advanced manufacturing technology like Lockdowel fastening into CNC systems quicker and more skillfully than any other CNC manufacturer in the world,” Corrales says.

The Lockdowel assembly method has expedited the building of RTA (read-to-assemble) furniture for consumers by 60% for Murphy Door Creative Door Solutions of Ogden, Utah; 70% for Closet Outlet in St. Cloud, Florida; and 66% for online furniture retailer Regency Office Furniture headquartered in Akron, Ohio. A 2018 review on Amazon of a Regency Office Furniture bookshelf made with Lockdowel fastening reads that the customer’s eleven-year-old daughter assembled the shelves in about an hour.

Wood Pro Expo (WPE) is a regional event for woodworking businesses that brings together suppliers and experts for a localized presentation of equipment and supply solutions. WPE includes a strong educational program on best practices for shop production – including CNC basics, employee recruitment, finishing, lean manufacturing, business management, software, and shop safety – and an expo floor with equipment and supplies geared to small and medium-size shops.
To register with free expo hall admission, go to this link and enter CNCFAC18 when prompted:

About Lockdowel
Lockdowel provides simple manufacturing, assembly, and installation solutions for cabinets, furniture, closets, and architectural millwork. Patent pending. Lockdowel 41920 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538 , (650)477-7112

Mary Lynn Heath
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Lockdowel Slide-to-Lock Chair Assembly

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Formaspace Launches New Website Featuring 3D Workbench Builder Tool

Formaspace new website homepage

Formaspace new website homepage

Formaspace new gallery page

Formaspace new gallery page

Formaspace 3d configure update

Formaspace 3d configure update

Formaspace debuts a user-friendly website to better serve clients and showcase their design and manufacturing laboratory and industrial furniture capabilities.

I'm excited for what this new website means for Formaspace, the integration of smart technology is more user-friendly for customers allowing them to easily navigate our unique products and services”

— Jeff Turk, CEO of Formaspace

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 9, 2018 / — The new website design is centered around the unique real-time virtual workbench builder tool, 3DConfigure. This tool allows visitors to configure standard workbenches Basix™ and Benchmarx™ in under a minute with rendering included. Users can customize the workbench to match their space with different frame colors, worksurface material options, sizes, and accessories.

Formaspace’s website offers multiple new features and easy to use tools to get pricing on standard, modified, and custom-built furniture. Tools include the Quote Generator (custom workbench selector), Smart Ship™ (5 standard benches in 5 days, or 10 standard benches in 10 days), and quick contact forms displayed on every page. Additionally,12 product pages and industry-specific pages were added to help visitors find the furniture they need.

The Formaspace gallery is another updated and user-centric discovery tool. New filters and search options make it easy for visitors to find specific workplace furniture project photos to generate new ideas for their space. Quick preview panels allow the user to view multiple images and project details without having to open a new page. More unique features are under development and launching in Q4 2018 such as an updated blog, case studies, and videos.

“I'm excited for what this new website means for Formaspace,” said Jeff Turk, Chief Executive Officer for Formaspace. "It is integrated with smart content technology that's more user-friendly for our customers and brings value to our visitors by allowing them to easily navigate our unique products and services"

About Formaspace

Formaspace, located in Austin, TX, has been advancing the spirit of discovery and creation through the design and manufacture of custom business furniture since 1981. The furniture marries form to function with flexible solutions for clients in the laboratory, industrial, and office environments. Formaspace serves over 80% of the fortune 500, as well as universities, governments, small businesses, and individuals.

To learn more about the company, contact them at 800.251.1505 or email them at design.consultant(at) Feel free to visit their website at

Brooke Turner
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New Deloitte Office Furniture by Aspect Furniture Systems

Aspect Furniture Workstations Deloitte

Aspect recently completed a large workspace furniture fitout for the new Deloitte Offices

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, October 9, 2018 / — New Deloitte Office Furniture by Aspect Furniture Systems

Aspect recently completed a large workspace furniture fitout for the new Deloitte Offices in Wellington, designed by Studio Pacific Architecture. Interiors were completed by Stephen McDougall, Melissa Robson & Dorian Minty, with workstations, screens, monitor arms, seating and soft furnishings supplied by Aspect Furniture Systems.

Included in the office furniture by Aspect was Zurich Sit to Stand Workstations and Worktotes for the Agile workspace.

For more information contact Grant Kennerley on +61 437 352 175 or email

Grant Kennerley
Aspect Furniture Pty
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HERITAGE antique reclaimed oak adds character to Old Forester Distillery

reSAWN's HERITAGE reclaimed oak at Old Foresty Distillery in Louisville, KY

reSAWN's HERITAGE reclaimed wood at Old Foresty Distillery in Louisville, KY

reSAWN's HERITAGE antique reclaimed oak at Old Foresty Distillery in Louisville, KY

TELFORD, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 8, 2018 / — Opened in June 2018, Old Forester's return to Louisville’s historic Whiskey Row harkens back to the history and authenticity of America’s First Bottled Bourbon™ in this state-of-the-art facility that celebrates the role of bourbon in Louisville’s history. Visitors are able to tour the world-class distilling operation, seeing the bourbon crafting process from start to finish. Guests can engage in orientation spaces, fermentation tanks, a barrel aging warehouse and bottling line. Tasting rooms allow visitors to sample the results as they toast the authentic spirit of the longest, continuously distilled bourbon.

With the Old Forester Distillery project, Brown-Forman Corporation returns home to this new interactive visitor experience and working distillery in the heart of downtown Louisville. Through close collaboration with the New York office of experiential designer Imagination, Bravura has reclaimed the historic façade as a backdrop to an intervention that is sensitive to the scale and character of the surrounding neighborhood.

HERITAGE by reSAWN TIMBER co. features a mix of red & white ANTIQUE RECLAIMED OAK – for flooring and wall cladding. reSAWN offers antique reclaimed woods in solid & engineered construction for flooring, interior wall cladding, and millwork/stair applications. The unique beauty of antique wood is preserved & celebrated in this collection. Expect a warm palette of colors, with dense & varying grain patterns. Typical character marks include mineral staining, color changes, weathering, checking, nail holes, and knots.

Bravura Corporation is a full-service architecture firm with an impressive 24-year record of success in the public and private sectors. Bravura has built a solid reputation as a designer, manager and builder of projects small and large, simple and complex. They have put their creative mark on schools, museums, performing-arts centers, residential and office buildings. As a firm they have established a body of work for a number of organizations and institutions in Louisville. Bravura has a proven track record with projects involving collaboration with other architects and specialized consultants. They have worked on many large-scale complex projects in Louisville that benefited from their professional skills in programming, design, and construction administration.

Madeleine Stockdale
215 709 2001
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Chris Corrales to Address Cabinet Makers Association October 17 One Day Before WPE Lancaster, PA

CNC Factory Owner Chris Corrales will address the Cabinet Makers Association Oct. 17 one day before WPE Lancaster.

CNC Factory Owner Chris Corrales to reveal how 3rd generation robotic CNC equipment does all the work at CMA breakfast Oct. 17 before WPE Lancaster Oct. 18 & 19

With CNC Factory located in the United States, we integrate new technology into CNC systems quicker and more skillfully than any other CNC manufacturer in the world”

— Chris Corrales, CNC Factory Owner

LANCASTER, PA, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2018 / — Chris Corrales, the owner of CNC Factory in Santa Ana, California, will address the Cabinet Makers Association October 17, one day before the Wood Pro Expo Lancaster event. Cabinet makers from around the area will learn:

–What is new in CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) equipment; –What is newly improved;
and –How 3rd Generation CNC machines do all the work.

The conference will be held at The Warehouse Hotel at the Nook, 75 Champ Blvd Manheim, Pennsylvania.

CNC Factory designs, builds and manufactures CNC machines in their Orange County, California facility. “With CNC Factory located in the United States, we integrate new technology into CNC systems quicker and more skillfully than any other CNC manufacturer in the world,” Corrales says.

After breakfast at the Warehouse Hotel, the CMA group will tour:
· Plain & Fancy Cabinetry;
· Keystone Wood Specialties and
· Thaddeus Stephens College – Wood Technology Program.

Registration is $55 and includes group transportation, breakfast and lunch. To attend the CMA event go to:

CNC Factory is demonstrating its new Python XPR at Wood Pro Expo October 18 and 19 in booth 205. This robust CNC machine reaches a pinnacle of engineering that combines third generation (3G) robotic loading, spoil board cleaning, unloading and now CNC Factory Printing and Labeling. Users benefit from multi-directional graphic and text labeling instructions on nested materials. With these in place, woodworkers always know which edges need post production attention, and operators never lose track of cut pieces. In addition, Cabinet Vision software allows printing in various orientations.

The Python XPR is designed for profitability, speed and ease-of-use. It is the workhorse of all CNC machines saving users’ backs and delivering a host of grow-as-you-grow features.

Corrales, who designed the Python XPR, notes that he, “included an automated 12-tool rapid carousel that changes tools in just four seconds, and moves 1,800 inches per minute. The Python conquers long, complex, multi-tool tasks efficiently from one to fifty sheets, with just one push of a button. It’s ergonomically, user-friendly, and needs only one operator to run in either robotic or manual mode.”

The Python XPR sells for $69,900 and includes training and life-long customer support. CNC Factory promises that "nobody supports customers better!" See the Python XPR and all the company’s routers, edge banders, thermofoil presses and Lockdowel drilling inserting machines at

WPE is a regional event for woodworking businesses that brings together suppliers and experts for a localized presentation of equipment and supply solutions. WPE includes a strong educational program on best practices for shop production – including CNC basics, employee recruitment, finishing, lean manufacturing, business management, software, and shop safety – and an expo floor with equipment and supplies geared to small and medium-size shops. To register with free expo hall admission, go to this link and enter CNCFAC18 when prompted:


Mary Lynn B Heath
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Cabinet Makers: $20,000 in 5 Days, Pricing, Hours, Man Power– Complete Quote, Complete Remodel Job

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Is Digitization of Manufacturing and IoT the New Industrial Revolution?

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Another manufacturing industrial revolution rising? Read more about increased competition between consumer technology companies and industrial manufacturers.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 2, 2018 / — Are we on the verge of another industrial revolution in manufacturing? Signs of increased cooperation — and competition — between consumer technology companies and traditional industrial manufacturers indicate the answer is yes.


You say you want a revolution?

Many economists and technology consultants feel we are on the cusp of a new, fourth industrial revolution.

We’ve had three industrial revolutions since the 1800s:

First Industrial Revolution: Early mechanization powered by water and steam.
Second Industrial Revolution: Assembly-line mass production powered by electricity.
Third Industrial Revolution: Computer-aided design (CAD) and automation powered by digital technology

So what would ‘power’ a Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The Boston Consulting Group has identified nine key technologies that it calls the building blocks of our fourth industrial revolution:

Autonomous Robots
Horizontal and Vertical System Integration
The Industrial Internet of Things
Cyber Security
The Cloud
Additive Manufacturing
Augmented Reality
Big Data and Analytics

How would we describe a Fourth Industrial Revolution? Looking into the crystal ball, we can see many possibilities. Product technology platforms first developed in the consumer space will enter more and more industrial markets, changing the way manufacturers interact with customers and products in the field. Artificial intelligence and robotics will extend our abilities to research and develop new products and technology. And immersive virtual reality will allow us to visualize information and new ideas as never before.

Let’s take a look at each of these building blocks one-by-one:


What is it?

Robots that can access vast amounts of data and analytics to make well-informed decisions quickly.

Amazon Warehouse Robots

Examples include:

Factory robots that work side-by-side with human workers or replace them on the factory floor.
Google’s experimental, autonomous driving cars.


What is it?

Use of computer software programs that allow the creation of virtual models to examine complex systems under different conditions.

Examples include:

Computer simulation of prototype aircraft or rocket’s performance in flight before building a physical prototype.
Computer simulation of traffic flows on congested roads and freeways during different conditions.
Computer simulation of factory production, such as worker and material movements during assembly operations.


What is it?

Horizontal System integration refers to increasing the number of product lines or service offerings in the marketplace. Vertical System Integration refers to taking on increasing amounts of a product manufacturing process.

Examples include:

Amazon acquiring a fleet of aircrafts to deliver customer orders is an example of Vertical System Integration.

Google providing a suite of online services ranging from word-processing to shopping is an example of Horizontal System Integration.


What is it?

Sensors attached to industrial components that can transmit information over the Internet to a database for analysis of field performance, customer usage data / behavior, and more.

Examples include:

GE and Rolls-Royce jet engines which provide real-time performance data of engine components to the pilot, airline maintenance crew, and manufacturer during flight.
Remote sensing of electronic components in hard to reach locations, such as electronics equipment installed in tall cell phone towers.
GE locomotives equipped with more than 200 onboard sensors, which can help trains run more efficiently.


What is it?

Security measures are taken to provide legitimate users secure access to critical information while preventing Internet hackers from compromising computers in order to access or steal that sensitive information.

Examples include:

Online security software/hardware
Auditing tools
Security consultants
Law enforcement agencies


What is it?

A trusted third-party service provides secure Internet access to computer hardware, including online software applications and data storage.

Examples include:

Rackspace and Amazon-hosted cloud services


What is it?

Commonly called 3D printing, additive manufacturing allows for the production of complex, freeform shapes by depositing individual layers of material sequentially to create an object.

Examples include:

Divergent 3D’s Blade electric sports car built entirely from 3D printed components.
SpaceX rocket exhaust nozzles, printed out of high-temperature resistant Inconel metal.

What is it?

Also referred to as Cyberspace or Virtual Reality (VR), augmented reality is a man-machine interface that allows us to experience spatial simulations, for productive design use as well as for entertainment.

Examples include:

Head up displays used in aircraft and high-end automobiles.
Games that allow users to mix virtual imagery with live imagery, such as the Pokémon game.
Dedicated simulators, ranging from aircraft flight simulators to high-end consumer virtual reality head gear like Oculus Rift.


What is it?

Brooke Turner
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Amazon Warehouse Robots

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R Mattress Proudly Provides Full-Mattress Service in LA

LA Mattress

LA Mattress 2

Despite the great deals and amazing discounts, the company does not compromise high-quality feature.

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, September 30, 2018 / — LOS ANGELES, CA – September 27, 2018. R Mattress, a reputable provider of the high-quality mattress, is offering the best discounts to those who want to have a money-saving and outstanding investment. This allows their repeat and new clients to avoid high costs while enjoying the product of their option. This also enables their customers to bring their experience up to the maximum level because of the comfy, smooth, and relevant mattress.

For any purchase that costs over $499, everyone can enjoy a $105 discount. R Mattress’ items start at $84 per month that last for three years with 0% financing. Despite the great deals and amazing discounts, the company does not compromise high-quality feature. They always strive to incorporate the best features into all their products. They remain dedicated to offer the most comfortable and responsive solutions to diverse clients throughout the country.

R mattress’ reputation of providing lower prices create a buzz among their customers. Aside from the online presence, they beat their competitors’ prices by almost 10%. They guarantee the most competitive pricing that many customers deserve. R Mattress is known for their unmatched commitment to offering free white glove delivery. This means their package includes setup and removal. Everyone doesn’t need to experience the hassles of setup. They take great pride in their people because they know the process from start to finish.

R Mattress is also proud of their free comfort guarantee that lasts within 120 days. Their clients can return their option whenever they need and receive their money ahead of time, ensuring optimal comfort. Having a long-term partnership with reputed companies out there, everyone is assured of customized, aesthetic, and stylish items. They have been working with Tempurpedic, Stearns & Foster, Sealy, Serta, Scandinavian Sleep Systems, and many more. From specialty foam to pillow top, every product at RMattress is of the highest quality. Each is made of the finest material, increasing people’s opportunity to acquire a worth-it investment.

Aside from custom-made options and excellent support, RMattress has a user-friendly website. Visitors and customers can browse the site without a hassle. The products are divided into different categories for stress-free shopping. Everyone can shop by the firm, plush, pillow top, and specialty foam.

About R Mattress:

RMattress was founded with a goal to offer a mattress system that leads to a more comfortable and healthier night’s sleep. Over the years of service in the industry, their technology has transformed into cutting-edge equipment. Despite the fast and innovative development of their facilities, the commitment to delivering quality mattress remains the same. They have spent years to develop their products to ensure the most impressive selection. They have advanced foams and up-to-date tools.


Contact them at (323) 533-0491 to process your order. For more details, don’t hesitate to visit them at Huge savings and tested products are what to expect along the way!

Peter Pocsaji
R Mattress
(323) 533-0491
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Sedus at Orgatec 2018: Express your Genius

Sedus at Orgatec, 23-27 October 2018, in Cologne – Hall 8, Stand B50

DOGERN, BADEN-WüRTEMBERG, GERMANY, September 30, 2018 / — Orgatec, the international trade show for the world of work, is traditionally quite true to its name: it is indeed a lot of work for all involved. Stand designers want to realise the details of their grand vision, designers and developers want to showcase their latest innovations, and the people staffing the stands need to be motivated and alert for five days back to back, taking exquisite care of visitors, who themselves are hard at work discovering all the new products and offerings.

But for Sedus, this year's Orgatec is something of a special occasion – the culmination of months of preparation, now building into a sense of optimism and anticipation as the company’s creative labours will finally bear colourful fruit. The large 1,300 m² stand in Hall 8 will be an architectural statement – an inspiring world of colour and an oasis of wellbeing. And the place where, as pioneers in ergonomics, Sedus will open a new chapter in the company’s impressive history.

Express your Genius – let your creativity flow

Orgatec 2018 will be the first opportunity to experience the new Sedus 2019+ colour concept close up. This inspiring concept will influence the future fabric and material collections of all Sedus products.

Various areas of the trade fair stand will be designed as individual worlds of colour that expand beyond the products themselves, harmoniously incorporating key spacial elements and surfaces, including the ceiling, walls, and floor, as well as light and acoustics. 
The central presentation area provides a space for visitors to create their own worlds of colour. Just like in a creative workshop, visitors will have a selection of materials, surfaces, and structures to choose from. The new colour system is so ingeniously simple that even experienced planners and office designers will be surprised by the results.

But Express your Genius by Sedus takes this idea even further. As true technology pioneers and office furniture specialists, Sedus has carefully considered what the ‘office of the future’ would look like. The company has developed its own vision through market observation and research, with a particular focus on knowledge work and productive learning environments. Working in collaboration with experts from the fields of education, neuroscience, psychology, experimental research, communication, architecture, and design, Sedus is developing future-proof office environments that can be adjusted to the activities and needs of their users, providing the freedom for people to develop their talents and fulfil their full potential.

Through this plethora of innovations, Sedus is already proving the benefits of this modern approach to working environments and methods. The Express your Genius concept has been put into practice for creative designers and development engineers working at the Sedus research and development centre.

Twelve new products

Sedus will surprise trade visitors to this year’s Orgatec with a total of twelve new products and product enhancements. The most important of these are two swivel chairs for modern flexible workplaces, an office cube system, and a digital analysis tool to optimise the use of offices and work environments. The entire exhibition is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and shows how media technology and video conference systems can make everyday life more efficient. Sedus is continuing to build on its strong history as an ergonomics pioneer while also expanding on its expertise as a furnishing specialist for cutting-edge office concepts.

Sedus at Orgatec, 23-27 October 2018, in Cologne – Hall 8, Stand B50

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Sedus Company Video – ENG

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WHAT’S UP? The new hub for the latest news from Sedus

DOGERN, BADEN-WüRTEMBERG, GERMANY, September 30, 2018 / — It is easy to lose track of everything that is happening at a company as big and busy as Sedus. To make this 
 a little simpler in future, Sedus launched the new WHAT’S UP? microsite earlier this week.

WHAT’S UP? is designed as a central information hub, providing easy access to all the latest Sedus-related news for the company’s clients, retail partners, and industry stakeholders. There are several bloggers reporting on new products, trade fair dates, events, and other important happenings at Sedus and the world of office furniture in four sections: News, Solutions, Health and Sustainability.

Marketing director Ernst Holzapfel is optimistic that the project will add value for readers: “When we are drowning in information, WHAT’S UP? might be the lifeline we need to help us regain our focus and concentrate on what is important. Valuable content and interesting articles will provide inspiration and encourage people to work together to reshape modern work environments. WHAT’S UP? makes it easy to share useful insights across multiple social media platforms.”

But what is ‘WHAT’S UP?’, exactly? A new information channel? A platform for industry insiders? A place to 
 find helpful tips? An industry news source? Easy: it is all of these things, and more!

WHAT’S UP? can be found online at

Joachim Sparenberg
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