Washington D.C. to Require All Judges and Lawyers to Certify Their Good Standing Annually

The D.C. Council unanimously approved legislation today that will require all attorneys, hearing officers, and administrative law judges who perform legal duties for the District government to file an annual “Certificate of Good Standing” with the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability by Dec. 15. At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange, chair of the Committee on Business, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, introduced the measure “to prevent the unethical practice of law without a bar license,” he said in a press release.

A Washington D.C. Without Marion Barry Felt Unthinkable Before This Week

After all, D.C. without the mayor-for-life was unthinkable, so I didn’t think it’d ever come to pass. He’d been shot, arrested, overused drugs and booze, and elected to office (which can’t be good for your health) more or less every four years since the District got Home Rule, and he was still around. Love Barry or hate him—and a lot of people in D.C. did one or the other, if not both—but you couldn’t ever count him out.